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Brand Design for The Nerdy Keeper

If you’re a small business owner who hates doing your bookkeeping, I can’t wait for you to meet this week’s brand reveal. You probably know the drudgery of wasting your Saturdays buried in receipts and balance sheets and the anxiety of wondering if they’re really balanced or not. 🥴 And let’s not even talk about the dreaded tax man…

As crazy as it sounds, there are women who love making sense of money messes, and their skills are worth every penny. I know when I finally hired my bookkeeper I heard angels singing!

Megan Carter is the Certified Professional Accountant behind The Nerdy Keeper, a US-based bookkeeping firm for small businesses. She’s quirky and fun, and her sense of humor made our collaboration an absolute delight.

Come take a peek behind the scenes at our first brand reveal of 2023! 🎉

1 | Brand Strategy

As a CPA, Megan is a self-proclaimed numbers nerd, hence the cheeky business name and our Big Idea—Keeping 4 Eyes on Your Finances. So many businesses are trying to wear all the hats which leaves them unnecessarily stressed about their finances. Her goal is to make your numbers make sense and keep them up to date so you can spend more time being the CEO of your business, doing what you love. There’s no bookkeeping mess she can’t handle and, yes, she’s seen it all!

With this in mind, our strategy keywords for The Nerdy Keeper are quirky, inquisitive, nonjudgmental. The color psychology of hot pink is energy and passion, coral is optimistic and playful, and mint is wealth and growth. The vibrant pink is more sophisticated than her previous color and the full palette finally gives her a range of colors to work with.

Moodboard images: pig, cookies, glasses, cones,
confetti from
Haute Stock | all others from Unsplash

2 | Logo Design

We kept the eyeglass theme from Megan’s previous logo because it’s a unique, recognizable part of her and her brand, but we also knew it needed an update. Softening the fonts and glasses and adding the happy, squinting eyes brings in her sense of humor and ease and gives a whole new feel to the logo without completely changing directions.

3 | Brand Board

As always, I created Megan’s logo in multiple color combinations, and the button keeps it fun and a little abstract. She was previously using so many different fonts that it was confusing, so I simplified the selection and included in a fun script for a bit of interest.

The funky eyeglass pattern was lots of fun to create and builds on our “4 eyes” concept. Megan also has a stock photo subscription to Haute Stock so I was able to pull from a wide range of images and tweak the colors to match her brand perfectly. For example, the hot pink wallet on her website home page was originally red. Not anymore! It’s now a perfect match to her Pantone colors.

Having a variety of elements is key to designing a brand that has enough flexibility that Megan and her team won’t get bored with it and will use it consistently for many years to come.

4 | Icons, Social Media & Website

Megan also got a custom set of icons that are a quirky addition to her website and social media templates. Her new website banners and templates are all in Canva for her team to easily update and publish.

After wrapping up her rebrand, Megan used her Brand Style Guide and my Photoshoot Guide to have gorgeous new photos taken. She had already been working with a fabulous copywriter, so finally having new copy, a new brand, and new photos is enabling her to easily update her website and create additional marketing materials.

The Nerdy Keeper rebrand is such a fun example of my Signature Brand Package which includes all the elements you need to proudly uplevel your business, just like Megan did. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you live in the US and 2023 is your year to hire a bookkeeper, book a call with Megan. Plus she has the cutest little babe and seeing those sweet cheeks on a Zoom call is guaranteed to brighten your day!

How does Megan feel about the final result?

Michelle just got me! She took my jumbled mess and pulled out the themes that I couldn’t see and designed a new brand that’s fun, quirky, and fits me and my business.

This was also one of the most organized services I’ve ever had. It literally ran like a well oiled machine, and it was super comforting to know exactly what to expect next.

Having a more polished brand helped me create a cohesive, beautiful online presence so I can attract a higher-level client and increase my revenue. I finally finished my home page after sitting on it for at least a year. No more struggling with empty white space!”

– Megan Carter, Bookkeeper & CPA, The Nerdy Keeper

How about you?

If you’re ready for a cohesive, polished brand and a process that runs like a well-oiled machine, book a free consultation. Let’s make 2023 your year!

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