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Why Marketers Are Adding Schema Markup to Their Websites? The answer is simple. More impressions, clicks, and time spent on web pages with rich results. This is the ‘feel good’ end of the story. However, it starts with how you show up in search. This is where structured data, or schema markup, comes in.

When marketers create TV commercials, in-store point of sale, or digital ads – the first goal is to make it stand out and get noticed for a consumer to take action – regardless of the medium. Often overlooked is ‘search’ and how a brand appears in search results.

Search is all about showing up for the user’s query, making an impression, and getting clicked.

Schema markup helps deliver more impressions and clicks.

Savvy marketers have learned to take control of their brand in search by taking advantage of visually appealing rich results through structured data, and more specifically schema markup – earning them more impressions, clicks, and time spent on web pages with rich results.

Drive Business Results & ROI

On average, our enterprise customers reported the following improvements, all of which they attribute directly to the addition of schema markup:

This is just a sample of the awesome rich results that schema markup can produce for your website:

Stand Out in Organic Search

A standard search result delivers three basic pieces of information: a title, a URL, and a meta description.

Any brand can show up as a standard search result. This is equivalent to advertising in old-school classified ads and expecting to stand out from the competition.

Rich results add eye-catching visuals that attract attention in search, help you outshine the competition, and make an impression and earn a click-thru. Who doesn’t want that?

Here are some of the more popular rich results that Google supports.

This is just a handful of the benefits that implementing schema markup to your website could provide. Schema markup is cutting edge, and it is a powerful tool to help you to stand out from your competitors.

Schema markup should be a part of every SEO strategy, and at Schema App we help you to overcome the technical hurdles of structured data.

Our solutions go beyond accelerating your adoption and results with schema markup, because what makes Schema App so accessible is that we combine awesome tools with our expert team and support so that you can focus on strategy.

We offer solutions that can integrate with any website. From plugins and custom add-ons to professional services with our friendly customer success team, we have never encountered a website that we couldn’t optimize.

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