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When to reveal a logo redesign?

If you are no longer satisfied with your brand image in general, when should you redesign your logo? In reality, there are many reasons why you might want a new logo. It can be outdated, difficult to use on the web or too complex. It may also be that your company or your target clientele has changed over time. Since people are often reluctant to change, are there better times than others to create a new brand image? We believe so. So here are some suggestions.

In a new year

Have you ever noticed that companies often unveil their new logo in January?

Yes, a new year often rhymes with changes and the desire to improve. It is therefore an opportune moment if you want to show the evolution of your company and its values. However, keep in mind that you probably won’t be the only company that changes their logo at the beginning of the year.

On the company’s anniversary

Another time to unveil a logo redesign is on the company’s anniversary. We have seen on many occasions companies take advantage of the event to announce and reveal a new brand image. This is what Toyota did. They used their 50th anniversary in 1989 to present a new redesign of their logo. On the other hand, if your company is celebrating its 10th or 20th anniversary, it may be time to ask yourself if your logo is still relevant or representative.

When announcing a new product or service

No need to wait for a new year or your company’s anniversary to reveal your new logo. Why not do this when unveiling a new product or service? As there is already the effect of novelty and change, it could be a good time. Obviously, the redesign of your logo must be related to your new products or services. For example, the American company General Motors decided to redesign their logo by opting for something more modern in order to highlight the fact that this car manufacturer was getting into electric vehicles.

During a major change

Have you just acquired another business or are you trying to break into a new market?

Is your president resigning or has your company been in turmoil recently? This may be the right time to announce a new brand image. Since there is already change, it is easier to reveal a new logo. Here’s a tip though: a new logo won’t solve all your problems. Take the time to create a brand image that will represent your promises and values, especially if people now have a bad opinion of your company.

Some tips for redesigning your logo

If you feel that now is the right time to update your brand image, here are some tips for a successful logo redesign.

Do a new analysis of your business

Your business may have changed since you first created your logo. It would therefore be appropriate to take the time to analyze your values and what message you want to convey in your new brand image. Analyzing your business is also the first step in creating a logo, whether it’s a redesign or not.

Do a new analysis of your target audience

In the same vein, your target audience may have changed.

Maybe initially you targeted teenagers who have now become young parents. Before you even start drawing sketches, you should do an analysis of your current customers and your target clientele, since they will have a direct impact on your brand image. Your new logo must appeal to these people.

Let people know you’re working on your branding

If you are close to your target audience and want to be transparent, you could inform them that you are redesigning your logo. That way, they will be able to prepare for change. This was the strategy that Mozilla Firefox followed for their new logo. They even showed a few sketches along the way to take into account people’s opinions and ensure that the final result was a success.

Know how to use elements related to your original logo

Here’s a tip to increase your chances of a successful logo redesign: know how to use elements related to your original brand image. This can be icons, colors, fonts, logo type, etc. In short, when the changes are drastic, people no longer recognize the company. Therefore, it’s better to aim for an evolution of your current logo rather than starting from scratch. For example, with current trends, several brands have opted for a simplified version of their logo.

Make sure it meets your current and future needs

Finally, no matter what your new logo will look like, it’s essential that it meets your current and future needs. For example, you should be able to use your logo anywhere, whether it’s on social media, your website, or business cards. Logos with too many details are often difficult to reproduce. Ask yourself what your needs are and where you will need to display your logo to take these conditions into account when redesigning your logo.

In conclusion, there are certainly better times than others to unveil a redesign of your logo. It’s up to you to choose the most relevant time for your business. Whatever your decision, pairing it with an important event can help you get a specific message across. If you’re looking for inspiration for your brand redesign, why not take a look at the new logos of 2021? Good luck!

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