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The most used color for logos

Obviously, all colors can be used for a logo or branding, there are no bad colors. However, some colors are used more often than others to create logos, like for company logos. The reason is simple, some colors represent values that companies want to emphasize. 

To date, the most used color for large company logos is blue, then red and white. Based on our page on the meaning of colors, blue is a popular color associated with trust. 

Again, you don’t have to use blue for your logo since it’s the most used color. If you want to stand out, you may want to choose a color that is not used much.

How to choose the right colors for your logo?

Instead of wondering what the best colors are for a logo, you should think about choosing the right colors for you. When you choose relevant shades, it allows you to represent your company well and convey a precise message.

Do an analysis of your business

In order to choose the right colors for your logo, we recommend you take the time to do an analysis of your company and competitors. Market analysis is very often the first step in a creative process, whether for a logo or a website. So, analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and values. If necessary, use keywords to define your business. Then, do the same exercise with your biggest competitors. If other companies in your field use a cool color for their logo, you might stand out by using a warm color.

If you choose keywords like courage, passion, and energy, red could be a color that represents what you have in mind. On the contrary, if you are aiming for luxury, mystery and calm, purple could be the color to use.

Take a look at the meaning of colors

As we mentioned above, colors have meaning, and meaning can also change depending on where you are. For example, in several Asian countries, white is the color of mourning. While in Western countries, it is black. It is therefore important to know the meaning of the colors you want to use, especially with your target clientele. That way, you will avoid any missteps.

Several companies have also chosen colors with a special meaning when they created their logo. For example, the BWM logo is a direct nod to the colors of the coat of arms of Bavaria, the region of origin for this car manufacturer. If a color is associated with your city or region, it might be worth considering for your logo.

Do different tests

You may have to do different tests before you find the perfect color for your logo. Therefore, do not hesitate to try various combinations to find the ideal shade. Then, once you’ve found the colors that will represent your business, consider writing them down in a brand guide. In order to maintain brand consistency, you need to always use the same color codes so that the hues are identical, regardless of the medium. 

Here’s a trick to help you find the right colors for your logo. After your analysis, you may have an idea of the main color you want to use. Next, ask yourself what effect you want for your logo. Choose a secondary color that will reinforce your values. Let’s say your main color is red. The final effect will be different depending on whether you use black, pink or white as a secondary color.

3 mistakes to avoid regarding logo colors

Here are three common mistakes to avoid when you’re looking for the right colors for your logo.

Having sufficient contrast

There are several reasons why you need to have contrast when you create your logo. In addition to clearly defining the parts of the logo, this allows those with vision disabilities to see that there are different colors. It can also make it easier to read if there is text.

Making sure everything looks good in black and white

Just because your logo is colorful doesn’t mean it can be used everywhere. We recommend having a black and white version of your logo. Then, if the background is an image or is colored, you know that your logo will still look professional with a black or white version. That also means making sure your logo looks good in shades of gray.

Do not use more than three colors

You probably want your logo to look professional. To increase your chances of this, we strongly advise you not use more than three colors for your logo. The more colors you use, the more it can give a chaotic appearance. In addition, the trends of the moment are simplicity and minimalism.

In conclusion, colors can make all the difference when you need to create a logo or branding. Although blue is the most used color for company logos, nothing prevents you from choosing a shade like green or gray if that’s what best represents your values. Then, once you have your colors in hand, consider using these same shades on your promotional items.  Enjoy creating!

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