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What is a promotional product?

A promotional product can be almost anything, often personalized by companies. On these products are usually the company logo, address, or name. These items are given to customers, partners, suppliers, and even your company’s staff.

The usefulness of promotional products for your logo

The main question you may ask yourself is why create this kind of item. It means you will be spending money. There are actually many reasons why you should invest in promotional products to promote your logo.

First, it is a way to increase its visibility. People are bound to notice whether you’re at a trade show handing out promotional items or in plain sight in your customers’ office. In addition, with the development of social networks, your customers may thank you by mentioning your name via their social media accounts.

Promotional products can help you find new customers to continue with the first point. If you own a booth at a landscaping tradeshow, the people there are potential customers. By distributing promotional items that are useful to them, they will think of you when they see your logo on the promotional item. With the logo being visible on the promotional item, they could also influence the people around them without even knowing it.

Even if this marketing method is becoming more widespread, it still allows a company to stand out from their competitors. You just have to be a little more resourceful than the company next door. People like companies that give them free corporate goodies. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Finally, you will make your company’s values known. Depending on the promotional item you hand out, people will know if you are an environmental, relaxation, technological, humanitarian company, etc. It is therefore important to know your personas well.

The criteria to be taken into account when choosing promotional items

Of course, you should not embark on choosing promotional items that have your logo blindly. You have to think about different criteria that we are going to list next.

First, why do you want to create promotional products? What is your goal in creating them? What can the distribution of these items bring you? Is it to celebrate your company’s anniversary, the launch of a new service, or product, welcome new customers, or even to surprise your customers during a purchase?

Depending on your goal, you may also need to define an audience. And yes, research your customer base again to find out what promotional items they would like.

Don’t forget to also think about your means of distribution. You will have different options to consider. The cheapest options are to distribute them at a tradeshow, or to allow people to help themselves. You can also have promotional items with you when visiting your customers. The most expensive option, especially if you have customers abroad, is to send them directly to your customer.

In terms of choosing items, consider making a reference to your field of work. If you are in fashion, sports, or catering, you will probably have different ideas. In addition, be aware of the latest trends, we know that a pen goes everywhere, but a little originality never hurt anyone either!

Of course, one of the most important aspects in all this is your budget. Your goal can only be achieved by having a budget that allows you to create your little surprise! This budget is different depending on the size of the company, and the number of people targeted. If your customers can help themselves to your item, do not get a very expensive item, as they may help themselves to more than just one item. If you don’t have a big budget to give a large gift, or various small gifts, it’s ok. As they say, it is the thought that counts.

On which promotional item should your logo be placed?

There is no magic formula to finding the perfect promotional item for your logo. If your logo has a lot of details, which is not recommended, it is better to avoid products that are small, or with a small circumference. Do not hesitate to test different items you are considering. You will probably have the opportunity to test your logo on the different products before you make the purchase. Let’s take a look at some examples of promotional items right now. Once again, consider your industry.

The most popular promotional products

Let’s start with some promotional items you could give that have a basic logo.

As we mentioned, the pen is not very original; however, it is an all-purpose item. Nevertheless, it can get lost in office drawers or someone can take it.

A USB key for some people is a little less exciting with the use of the cloud but it remains a good option to store or move documents, photos, videos. People are often happy to have one on hand.

The coffee cup is also a classic. If your customers consume coffee or tea, they will always be happy to enjoy it in a personalized cup. A cup is sacred, you must have a design that lives up to their expectations for it be on their desk.

Calendars are also well liked. The problem arises if your customers already have one. Therefore, a personalized notebook is less risky than a second calendar that will probably not be used.

Shopping bags or the famous tote bag are also fashionable if your logo looks good on it. Why not add your slogan, or a quote that characterizes you? However, pay attention to the quality of the bag! You wouldn’t want it to tear after your customer puts three bananas, or a tablet in it.

The most original promotional items

The most original promotional items may be a little more expensive. However, if you have the means, or the item is intended for only a few people, why not go a little crazy!

First, you could give a computer stand. Especially with teleworking, which is part of our daily lives, we must be well equipped at home to feel good. The ergonomics of your office is very important. For a less expensive version, you could get a small stand made of bamboo for phones!

Consider a key finder for people who have their heads in the clouds! Simply install an app on your phone for you to find your keychain.

You could give a lunch box kit, because we never have enough lunch boxes or Tupperware to store our food! Lunchboxes are often nice to give if they have different compartments and cooling features.

A portable USB fan to stay cool on any occasion. Very convenient, unless your customers work with a desktop computer…

Finally, you could give water bottles. This item may seem trivial, but finding a good water bottle that will keep your water cool even below 40 degrees can be difficult. Instead of a water bottle, you could opt for a bottle that has a diffuser if your clients are tea lovers!

In conclusion, do not hesitate to promote your logo through promotional products! It’s hard to quantify the results these items have on your business. However, as long as they’re good quality items, you can only come out on top! Small note on the environment, most of the promotional items mentioned in this article can be made from recycled or biodegradable materials!

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