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Are you looking for a new logo? Understanding variations in logo design trends may help you produce a design with a modern look in pre-designed logos, whether you’re starting even from scratch or just updating an existing brand. The concept of logo design following the logo trends is to produce something simple and unique. With so many new websites, brands, and enterprises developing almost every day, this is no surprise that logos are becoming more recognizable.

Here are the top 5 logo design trends for 2022:

1.   3D Gradients

A 3D gradient is getting popular these days. It’s an ideal answer for our culture, in which no one can visualize one’s existence without a smartphone. Gradients are popular among designers. They may assist in making any color scheme stand out and exciting. 3D effects in logos, especially conical ones, are great for the primary storyline. These color effects draw attention to the color contrast. According to logo design experts, conical gradients will remain popular because they can convert basic tasks into complicated ones.

2.   Bold Typography

In 2022, you will be seeing logos, which will upgrade language from words that support the graphic to the center of attention. The characters well complement these designs due to the mix of unusual and strong fonts. The use of impressive typography in logos is a popular trend. This design shows the company’s nature by making its logo unique. There are several methods to make a font bold – you may experiment with letter-size, order, and location. Such concepts may seem insane at times, but that is just the goal. Bold typography will also help the people who are bored of using the same old standard fonts.

3.   Letter Merging

Merging letters allows the company to produce a more distinctive and eye-catching logo. As one of the most well-predicted trends for 2022, it gives companies the artistic flexibility they need to draw in customers while staying true to their brand identity. Font design and selection are essential factors in determining the brand’s look. Additionally, the combination of letters conveys a strong statement about the brand’s image. As a result, their target audience is more likely to remember them in the long term. Choosing suitable styles and letters for merging will be essential since the letter merging logo design process depends entirely on these letters.

4.   Brushstroke

Brushstroke is one of the most popular techniques for creating simple and beautiful graphics. Brushstroke typically uses digital paintbrushes. These paintbrushes can produce a unique, versatile, and visually attractive logo design than what is already available. Numerous creative designers have concentrated on creating brushstroke logos for various businesses and enterprises in recent years. This style is expected to be one of the leading logo design trends for 2022 as a result.

5.   A Personal Touch

Logos having a more handwritten feel are expected in 2022. There are applications available that will convert your writing style into a font, which you can use to create a logo. This design guarantees that your logo is distinctive and gives a beautiful personalized feel to your logo. It is very important to have a logo with personal touch if you are starting your own business or brand.

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