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There are lots of templates on the web nowadays. And React website templates are among the most popular ones. Just imagine, React library has got 172k stars on GitHub and more than 10,636,147 weekly downloads on npm

Free React themes are extremely useful when it comes to web development in general, and specifically when building interactive user interfaces. React templates give you an opportunity to use dozens of components and widgets from scratch.

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We love React library and especially React templates for their flexibility and cross-platform ability, for their wide range of customizable and reusable components, such as headers, tabs, lists, grids, buttons, and many more. Frontend developers widely reuse and work with these components that speed up building their web projects.

What can you build with the help of React templates? 

With the help of free and premium ready Reactjs themes you can build various types of websites:

How to Choose a Good React Website Template?

Choosing the right one website template may seem tricky enough, but it certainly depends on the type of website you need to create. We have picked up the top 10 basic principles for you to evaluate before choosing the best React website template:

We’ve selected the top 20 best react website templates, react js themes and admin dashboards in 2021, both free and premium for various needs. Choose your admin dashboard or website template consistently weighing all pros and cons.

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The List of React Website Templates

1. eCommerce React Template

Ecommerce React Template is a newbie in the family of Flatlogic web themes, it was created by a talented React developer, Michael Daineka, and was finally launched in May, 2021. It is a fully working eCommerce store where we used Reactjs for the front-end, NodeJS for the back-end, PostgreSQL for storing the data, and Sequelize as ORM. The E-commerce React template is absolutely SEO-friendly thanks to server-side rendering by NextJS.

In the front-end part of our eCommerce template, you will find such features as the product descriptions page, landing page, categories pages, all support pages (contact, FAQ, about, etc.), and blog. The back-end part consists of CMS for blog, authentication, CMS for the store with an analytics dashboard, user management, and product management. We have also integrated Stripe payment systems in our eCommerce React template.

Price: $149

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2. Flone – Flone React template

Flone is a super neat, modern, and attractive Reactjs template with enhanced navigation for building eCommerce websites. The developers used Redux (v4.0.4) and React Hooks to create 25 home variations, 9 shop pages, 9 product details pages, and many more. It is an SEO-friendly template that is essential to your shop platform ranking.

Price: $24

3. Argon Design System

Argon Design system is not just a website template, but a complete design system with a rich UI package based on Bootstrap 4.

Argon design system template is a developer-friendly web solution made by creative Tim. This is a dashboard template called Argon Design System with more than 100 individuals ready to use components inside. The entire range of prebuilt components is really streamlined, vary in color, and are easy to use. The Argon design system template is fully open source.


4. Zooki ReactJs Landing Page Template

Zooki is a React page template built with Bootstrap 4.2.1, HTML5 & CSS3. It is mainly used for personal websites, applications, product showcases, and promo pages. There are lots of ready-made UI components for various needs and 8 types of home pages which you can check here. It is a responsive and well-documented website theme for creating professional landing pages really quickly.

Price: $19

5. GoGo React/Redux Admin Template

Devil is in the detail, and that’s the best slogan that describes the GoGo React template which is made with the help of SASS, JS, HTML, CSS. GoGo has 10 color schemes, dozens of layouts and components. Try its right-click menu, video player, keyboard shortcuts, two panels menu, icons, keyboard shortcuts, video player and other important instruments for building any app faster.

Price: $24

6. Dorsin Landing Page

Dorsin React template is a template for building modern app landing, app template, app landing page, creative app landing page, app store, app website. The Dorsin template is based on React, Bootstrap 4.2.1, HTML5 and & CSS3. It has good code quality and highly customizable widgets and components. All the quintessential pages like Modern design pages, Login Page, Sign Up Page are included.

Price: $14

7. Exolot – React Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Exolot React is a landing page template with perfect UI components and Retina-ready graphics. This React website business template looks stunningly on all types of screens and devices. It is a multipurpose template for building SaaS applications, software products, online bookstores, portfolios, and other frontend website designs. The list of main features is here:

– React 17+, Bootstrap 4.x & Sass
– HTML5 & CSS3
– Animate CSS
– AJAX contact form Submission
– AJAX subscriptions form Submission
– Mailchimp

Price: $17

8. Agency : Creative Business React Template

Agency is an exhaustive ReactJs website template for building unique site designs. Agency has 7 types of homepage, blog, portfolio pages, Mailchimp, reCaptcha, React revolution slider,  online appointment form and dozens of other functionalities. This site template is perfect for building cooperative landing pages, consulting agencies and other commercial sites.

9. Gatsby Simplefolio

This React website template was made by a frontend developer from Argentina, Jacobo Martínez. Gatsby Reactjs template was built mainly with JavaScript and SCSS. It’s an easily customizable template with configurable color schemes, fast image optimization and clean code.

The List of React admin dashboards

10. React Material UI Admin Template Node.js

Thanks to Material UI, React material template has dozens of customizable components for building React apps faster. Material UI elements are highly responsive and are widely used in developing desktop and mobile apps. React Material UI components are well combined and modified. Each component of the web package template can be changed in color, hover, and style. Nodejs version of the template will ease the building of eCommerce stores.

Price: $99

11. Sing App React

Sing App React is a highly customizable dashboard perfect for accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) system, email management, marketing automation, website analytics program, etc. Sing App template was made for lovers of UI aesthetics in icons, buttons, dashboard elements, and charts. With this dashboard, the owner of the website or platform can easily track orders and their success rate, as well as track social metrics such as the most popular referring social media sites and their corresponding URLs, monitor sales numbers and periods of growth, to better understand what makes users tick. Sing App React template has also a version with Java backend for the Java adherents.

Price: $59

12. Jumbo

Jumbo is a React Admin Template made with Material-UI design. Jumbo React template is cross-compatible with all modern browsers like  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. It is an entirely free and responsive template made primarily with HTML files. Jumbo React template is one of the best admin dashboards for its price.

Price: $24

13. Fuse React Admin Template

Fuse React Admin Template by withinpixels differs in components design, thanks to Google Material design. Redux Toolkit is used as a primary UI library. It has built-in authentication, 5 example apps, 20+ pages, lots of reusable React components and widgets, and more. Fuse Reactjs template will work not only as a template but as a valuable source to learn React functionality more.

Price: from $26

14. Sofia Free React template

Sofia React template is a top-quality responsive React template made in May of 2021. It was built with Bootstrap 4.6, the latest version of React, React 17, and React Hooks, React Router v5 for routing, SASS for easily changing styles. It is a fairly clean website template with clear charts, different amazing layouts, lazy loading modules, etc. It’s a perfect template for building a healthcare website or web app. All these features of Sofia come absolutely free of charge.

15. React Tabler

React Tabler is an open-source dashboard with a very consistent layout. React Tabler theme is full of essential components and widgets like interface, blog, gallery, pages and page errors, contact forms, card, blogs and more. React Tabler has in-depth documentation, dozens of UI elements, Flickr-like photo portfolio, error pages, login/register forms, and many more.

Price: free

16. EasyDev

EasyDev is a well-documented modern React dashboard template based on React Components and Bootstrap 4 Framework. You will enjoy different sales statistics widgets, audience by country, tons of other marketing analytics dashboards. Highly detailed documentation makes it one of the most convenient templates for developers. Use it for e-commerce, analytics platforms, sports, and other types of web or mobile applications.

Price: $28

17. Enlite Prime React Template

Enlite prime is a full-stack ReactJS template with multi-language support (English, Deutsch, Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Españo), and carefully crafted pages and reusable widgets. This recently updated dashboard was written in ES6, with the 12-Column grid. The website template is stuffed with more than 30 React components and beautifully designed widgets.

Price: $18

18. User management React

User Management React template is a simple and lightweight admin dashboard system for all the operations with users. Plus, this React template has social login and password recovery.  These templates make the entire user management process ingeniously simple and comfy.

Price: $99

19. Volt React Dashboard

Volt React admin dashboard is designed by Themesberg in fresh blue colors. It has tons of 100 UI elements, made with React.js and Bootstrap 5, Sass preprocessing language. The documentation of this React template is more than top-notch. The dashboard has a free version, Volt React Dashboard, and an advanced version, Volt Pro React dash, that costs $89.

20. Light Blue React Template

Light Blue React is an absolutely free open-source admin dashboard template built with React and Bootstrap 4. This React template is made in royal blue color and has been put together with the help of JavaScript and SCSS18.0%. Light Blue React is a perfect template with detailed documentation, clean code, and excellent support service. Inside you will get a dashboard sample with typography, tables, notifications, all the components like icons, charts and maps, chat, login, error page, and other quintessential UI elements.

The template has another enhanced version with Node.js, server-side rendering, and SEO optimization to even further speed up your development. Light Blue React admin template can be used to create analytics dashboards, E-Commerce apps, CRM, CMS, SASS web apps, and many other apps.

Price: $59

About Flatlogic

At Flatlogic, we design solutions for businesses thanks to broad expertise in custom development. When our clients succeed, we succeed as well. We develop a keen understanding of our client’s business needs and provide the most functional website templates and admin dashboards with all the necessities inside. We are experts in web development and know a lot about admin themes, dashboard templates,  admin panel templates, free dashboard templates and themes, and other types of web solutions for developers.

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