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Forty-two percent of Americans keep promotional hats they find attractive. But if you want to get in on the action by launching your own range of branded headwear, you’ll soon find out that hat logo design can be tricky. 

While custom hat design seems so simple in theory, hats don’t provide a whole lot of space for you to make your mark. This means you’ll have to consider how to best represent your ideas without the design appearing overcrowded, lopsided, or indecipherable. 

So how can I design my own hat without falling into these traps? Keep reading to learn what to do and what not to do when designing a hat!

Do Choose a Clear Font

Although the letters and symbols on custom hats can be patches, custom hat design online service uses embroidery for words and images. Choosing a complicated font will make it harder to embroider and more difficult to read. 

Ideally, you should choose a sans serif font for words as these are the most versatile. Some great examples of sans serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, and Geneva. And, while you can use a serif font, going too small on the lettering will create clutter and make the writing hard to read. 

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Design

Too much detail will get lost in your custom hat logo. Not only will the threads bunch up in such a complicated design, but all those details will also be hard to see for anyone viewing the hat. Worse still, people might not even be able to tell what the design is meant to be at all. 

Instead, it’s best to go bold when designing a hat. Clear and solid yet simple designs make sure the hat logo is clear and easy to recognize. 

Do Consider Hat Construction

A lot of baseball caps feature a seam that runs right down the middle at the front. You’ll need to consider this and other aspects of the hat’s construction before you start planning your logo design. 

Certain logos will look odd if they cross over this seam. Plus, the seam can be cumbersome to work with. Before you settle on a final design, consult with your embroidery service to reach a solution that takes the hat’s construction into account. 

Don’t Include Too Many Colors

It can be tempting to include a bunch of colors in your design, especially if your original design was a lot more complex than what you’re going with now. But simplicity rules across the board, and especially when it comes to your color palette. 

Choosing a design involving no more than two colors offers a lot of advantages for you. A design with fewer colors means a lower thread count, making your design simpler and more affordable to embroider.   

Simpler designs are also easier to combine with any number of hat colors. This means you’ll have more potential to offer your customers a wide range of hat colors without having to change your design. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hat Logo Design

As these hat logo design rules show, clear and simple is always the best way to go. 

Paired-back, bold designs are far more eye-catching and recognizable. Likewise, they’re easier to embroider and often more economical to manufacture so it’s a win-win for you and your customers!

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