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Do you have landing pages that don’t seem to get any traction or seem to be invisible on search engines? Anyone who’s been in the SEO field for some time will have pages in need of improvement or just don’t seem to engage the reader or attract the attention of Google crawlers. There are many possibilities why a page doesn’t achieve the expected results or struggles to retain its position. One of the primary reasons lies in the content and we will share with you the no-fail secrets to creating Epic and SEO-friendly content.

Back in the dark ages of the Internet, all a site would need to do is stuff a page full of keywords, throw up a link farm, and a lot of annoying pop-ups, and voila, you’re getting noticed. But Google has changed the game – always updating its algorithms to ensure Netizens get quality and relevant search results have put the old ways into the dustbin of history. Writing a good copy isn’t easy, but with a little dedication and elbow grease, you’ll be on your way to climbing the ladder on the SERP.

The first step – use an analytical approach

Great content requires significant preparation, even if you’re a subject matter expert on the topic, preparation is imperative to winning the favor of readers and the Google bots. Do your due diligence to understand your target audience as well as your competitors. Invest significant time mining out data. The more you know about the target audience and the competition, the easier and more effective your content will be. An analytical approach to writing epic content includes:

Plan around technical aspects

An outline is critical for organizing your data and delivering compelling ideas. Review your notes from your competitor analysis as well as any other technical data you’ve gathered from your SEO tools such as SE Ranking. With this data, you’ll be able to draft your outline which will help focus your text and guide the reader to the information they need.

This is best accomplished by dividing content into functional paragraphs to include these elements as value-added content. Build a structure around key phrases to structure your H2s which is where you’ll organically place keywords and links that fit naturally without disrupting the flow of the text or appear awkward. Now it’s time to get down to writing.

Speak to your audience

Often, content comes across as too flat or complicated. A true wordsmith knows how to say more with less. The goal here is to not get bogged down with technical requirements, and remember the text should speak to the reader and provide the information they are looking for. Remember to speak to your audience. Sprinkle in a few questions related to their concerns and then answer them. Great content serves the audience, and also be sure it’s scannable.

These tips will increase your content quality:

Now that we have a foundation for delivering a scannable text that flows with the audience, it’s time to take a look at some writing mechanics.

Use Different Platforms

Who says content must be blogs or landing pages? Socialize! The world has moved from TV to YouTube, from classrooms to Zoom, from real meetings to social media and virtual reality. And it’s not just about the pandemic or the restrictions that we have now. All the top brands you’ve heard about have long-established social media pages and keep in touch with their subscribers and interact with the audience, so what are you waiting for?

A lot of famous companies already use their own strategies to present themselves. Burger King impresses subscribers with humor and opens “trolling” towards competitors, NASA captures with its “cosmic” photo content, and GoPro publishes beautiful photos of followers on their Instagram account. Here you can read more detailed tips from experts on how to promote your blog, what tools to use, and where to get ideas.

Quality control your work

A quality product always presents itself in a polished state. Before pulling the trigger to publish a page, be sure to review your work! No matter how skilled a writer is, everyone makes typos or perhaps forgot about a sentence that needed a bit of reworking. Here are some tips to QC your work.


Striking a balance between a well-crafted informative text that engages without overclocking your audience requires practice. Remember that writing Epic SEO-friendly content is an art that can always be improved and no matter where your skills are, focus on the tips presented above. Take an analytical approach with content. This helps structure your text and offer the most value for your audience as well as your SEO strategy. And always consider the reader when presenting ideas, after all, it is they who will drive your content to the top of the SERP.

Author’s Bio

Eliza Medley is an experienced writer and psychologist. She is actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. And also trying to go with time with modern trends. Inspires people with her work to learn new things and reach new heights. You can resh her by this email [email protected].

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