Many of you are familiar with Movie Tavern or other movie theaters that have become more than just movie venues. They now also serve food and drinks like a restaurant. Movie Tavern quickly became one of my favorite places to watch a movie because it combined those two experiences. With that said, they somehow always seem to fall short on their customer service but many people overlooked that flaw because of the novelty they brought to the experience. I assume since COVID-19, they have drastically changed their operations for the sake of safety protocol. Prior to the change, one of the coolest parts about the experience is that you could sit in your very comfortable seat, press a button, and a person would be out to take your order. They have since removed this feature by placing tape over the button. Instead, they provided instructions to visit their website while in the theater. And this is where my rant begins…

Many other movie theaters encourage people not to use their phones because of their bright-lit screens. When phones are used during a movie they become a distraction for other people in the theater. This ridiculous establishment now encourages people to order their food and refreshments from their phones. Very dumb.

Their website is extremely slow, very clunky, and to top that, it stalls out while in mid-order. When I say stalls out, I mean…You’ll have a full shopping cart of items while the website decides to resets and start you from the beginning.

If you’re going to replace the coolest part about your business and encourage people to use your website, it at least has to work. I hate the entire experience on their website it’s slow, confusing, and poorly designed. Also, there are way too many unnecessary steps and questions they ask before you actually order your food. I believe this move if not corrected, will be the death of them. The website was so bad that it made me wish that brought back the Humans with the poor customer service.

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