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Logo Name:
Lone Star Curling Club
Company Intro:
We are a recreational curling club located in Austin, TX. Our current logo is representative of curling, but it’s pretty generic in terms of Texas or Austin. We want a logo that will be unique but recognizable as Curling and Austin. Something that gets people unfamiliar with the club curious about us and will excite those that do know about curling.
The logo SHOULD include: “Lone Star Curling Club”; a lone star; Austin imagery (in our survey, the most requested imagery were the capital building, live music/guitars, and bats. Not all of these need to be included but at least one piece of imagery should be included. Other Austin imagery is the congress bridge, treaty oak, and moontowers); some kind of curling imagery, such as a rock or broom. It should be in 1-3 colors and simple enough to be printed/replicated without being distorted. We’re open to any and all colors.

The logo COULD include: “Austin, TX”; “Established 2006”; Texas imagery such as the TX flag, bluebonnets, armadillos, etc.

Attached are curling logos our club likes. We don’t want to replicate these, but like the simplicity and representation they convey. Also attached are a couple of simple mock-ups from members, if this helps with inspiration.

One general idea, that doesn’t have to be used, is a guitar neck with the TX capital dome at the top, then a curling rock somewhere. Maybe on top of the dome?

Logo1 – Ryan Vanderlip.pdf
Logo2 – Ryan Vanderlip.pdf
Logo3 – Ryan Vanderlip.pdf
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