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Hunting Brand Logo Design-Elevated Arms

We were approached by long time client, Wes Kuselik to design a new hunting brand logo for a product he was building. Wes had designed a rifle stock that has a built in Bi-Pod and built-in mono-pod in the butt of the rifle. This enables the rifle to be “Elevated” off the ground to any level for the shooters comfort. It really is a one-of-a-kind design and we were excited to be a part of the brand launch. 

Our designer, Freddie, really knocked this outdoor logo design out of the park. With a clean and modern design approach, we delivered our client an outdoor brand logo that can be scaled across all platforms required. 

The creative spin off the “Elevated” rifle and the 3 stacking lines to make the “E” are nice touches from our designer Freddie. 

This product is too cool not to show you guys, checkout the “Elevated Arms” rifle stock on a custom build below. 

Next time you are looking to hire an “Outdoor Logo Designer” make sure you consider what is truly at stake. Your branding is the single most important piece or your product launch, outside of the product itself. Make sure you are considering much more than the price of the logo design. A good hunting brand logo design will include multiple elements of branding including, typography, exploration, color pallets and more. 

About the “Model X” Rifle Stock

Model X is a one-of-a-kind design that can’t be beaten for extreme mountain hunting and long-range shooting. Its many features make it the most lightweight practical shooting system on the market. Though long-range shooting in the prone position is why model X was designed, through our trial and error we also found the perfect way for this product to support the best shooting positions in most situations from close distances to the extreme long range. Let me introduce you to the Model X’s many components.
Let’s begin with the stock itself. The stock weighs in at only 24-26 oz, made up of a special fiberglass/Kevlar/carbon fiber resin. Combine its sleek design and its comfortability while shooting and you will not be disappointed with this product in your hands.
The bipod is on another level only weighing 8oz while still offering great stability. When you’re not using the bipod, you simply fold the legs up into the stock, getting them out of your way while not in use. While using them, they will allow you to tilt side to side to get level and offer 3” of adjustment from 6”-9”. For adjustment you simply hit the button to engage the spring-loaded legs that will lock into place every 3/16” until you reach the desired setting.
The monopod on the rear of the gun is out of this world and one of a kind at only 6oz of weight. While not being used it simply sits up inside of the butt of the gun out of your way. From there the process to use the monopod is easy, simply click the button to engage the monopod out from .5” to 3” with 3/16” increments in between clicks. On top of these adjustments, it allows for another 2 5/8” of fine adjustment that would allow a total of .5”-5 5/8” of adjustments. The fine adjustment is key to dialing in for the perfect shot. This will literally allow for pinpoint accuracy on your target.
The tapered hole design integrated into the stock was no accident; it fits the Rimrok trekking pole with our own tapered handle perfectly. It is hands down the most universal shooting stick on the market. From climbing a mountain to shooting sitting down (25.5” fully condensed), to standing (53” fully extended), it’s got your back! Each stock system will come equipped with 1 trekking pole.
Put all of these components together and you have a one-of-a-kind rifle stock system that will not leave you wanting for more when the time comes. From comfort ability shooting freehand, to shooting off of our trekking pole or in the prone position as a tripod, Elevated Arms has you covered. 

We are also working on building out the Elevated Arms website which will be completed soon and can be viewed at 

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