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Create a perfect logo for social media

It is true that there are many things to think about when creating your logo. However, it is important that your creation be easily used on social media. Here are some tips for creating a logo that can be used on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep it simple

This is the basic rule for logo design trends right now. When creating your logo, create something without too many colors or small details. If necessary, you can opt for another version of your logo for social media, especially if your main logo has several components. For example, on social media networks, we only use the symbol of the FreeLogoDesign logo. In addition, as several platforms will display your logo in a circle, make sure to center the important components. Do different tests as needed.

Create something representative

Whether for your website or social media, your logo must represent your business at a glance. To help you, before creating anything, make a list of the strengths and values of your services or products. Then, choose aspects that highlight what you do. 

Use PNG file format

When adding your logo to social media platforms, it is best to have your logo in a PNG file format. This type of file format has two great advantages. First, PNG files have transparent backgrounds. Second, they maintain a high quality, unlike JPG files that can quickly become blurry. 

How to use your logo on different social media platforms

Now that you have your logo in hand, it’s time to put it everywhere, including social media. Here are some specificities of the different social networks that you should keep in mind so that your logo is always impeccable, regardless of the platform.

Social media platforms tend to change their rules regarding logo dimensions and formats, so be sure to always be up to date.

Facebook remains without a doubt one of the largest social networks to date. Therefore, if you want to create a business page on this platform, you will have to use your logo as a profile picture. Your logo will be displayed in 170 x 170 pixels. Keep in mind that your logo will also be in a circle on Facebook, hence the importance of keeping it simple!

Now let’s move on to Instagram. As with Facebook, you have to take into consideration that your logo will be in circle. If you want to use your logo on Instagram, the file must be at least 110 x 110 pixels, although 200 x 200 pixels is recommended. Since Instagram is mainly used on mobiles, forget about having small superfluous details on your logo.

If you have a business, you probably have a page on LinkedIn. What about the logo? On this platform, the requested dimensions are 268 x 268 pixels. If you have a transparent background, then the background color will be white. Have you ever noticed that LinkedIn users have a circular profile picture while companies have a square profile picture?

Twitter accepts JPG, GIF, and PNG files for your profile picture, but we highly recommend opting for a PNG file as mentioned above. There is also a file size constraint. Logos on Twitter cannot be more than 2 MB. Finally, the recommended dimension is 400 x 400 pixels, and will be in a circle.

The circular profile pic is in order even on Pinterest (the circular pic is fashionable!). If you want to use your logo as a profile picture on this platform, the suggested dimension is 180 x 180 pixels. The available formats are PNG, JPG and GIF and the maximum file size is 10 MB. You can add your logo to Pinterest by clicking Edit your profile.

What about YouTube? If you want to create videos, chances are you have a YouTube channel. And guess what, the shape of your logo will also be in a circle. Here, the recommended dimension is 800 x 800 pixels, and the accepted file formats are JPG, BMP, PNG and non-animated GIFS. You can change your profile picture by clicking Your Channel and Edit Channel.


Last but not least is TikTok. No surprise here, your logo will also be in a circle. It is recommended you use an image with dimensions of 200 x 200 for your profile picture to keep a nice image quality. To add your logo to TikTok, simply click on your profile then edit profile. It doesn’t get any more complicated.

FreeLogoDesign’s social media option

As we have just seen, each social media requires very specific dimensions. Did you know that FreeLogoDesign has an option designed especially for your logo on social media? There is no need to resize the files in the right dimensions yourself because we do it for you with the social networks add-on. When creating your logo, for a few dollars you will have all the necessary files for your logo to appear on social media platforms: Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. You will even have several cover photos created for your different professional pages.

In conclusion, after creating your logo, it is essential to display it everywhere so that people can associate your emblem with your business easily and quickly. No matter what social media networks you use, having an online presence is a good idea. Ask yourself which social media platform is used by your target audience, and then make sure you have a presence there. Once done, don’t forget to use your logo on your website! We wish you every success in the creation of your logo!

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