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If you have a startup of your own, you will always be looking for ways to scale it up.

So, that you can generate maximum return on investment and advertise your service to the maximum number of people.

Here, in this blog, we will talk about how you can scale up your service business through digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

It includes all the marketing techniques that work online, which connect you to potential customers.

There are around 5 billion internet users around the world. This figure shows how many people can be attracted to your service industry business if the tools of digital marketing are accurately used.

You need to maintain your marketing efforts while trying to scale up your business.

This article will tell you about some easy and most important digital marketing points which you should not miss at all.

SWOT  Analysis

SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Before you get into scaling your business it is important that you analyze these four aspects of your business.

This analysis will help you know in which area of marketing you need to work and what appropriate tools you need for that.

This defines the things that need to be improved, something in which your competitor is better than you, an area where your services business has room to make.

For Eg –  A person who owns a law firm, did a SWOT analysis they take out the results that their firm needs to work on their email marketing strategy, as their digital marketing lacks in that area and their competitors are grabbing on to that opportunity. And they are potentially looking at the leads there. They can easily find out about this weakness using SWOT analysis.

It is the area where you can make your business grow and increase profitability.

Think of a person with a software house, after the analysis he gets to know that the other software houses in his area are not working on SEO, he takes that as an opportunity for his business and adopts that tool to drive more profit.

Aspects of your business that can put portability in danger.

If your competitors switch to digital marketing and you do not then it can be a great threat to your business.

This analysis will only help you to identify which ways of digital marketing would work better for you and which tools you have to pick up and which one to leave.

Level up your social media campaign

You might be blown away to know that almost half of the world uses social media, and almost every user spends an average of 2 hours on social media handles like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

As an entrepreneur, if you are not representing your service industry business on social media you are missing a big time. Many people use social media to connect with brands and avail their services.

Social media presence will help build a trusting relationship between you and your audience, even if you have a website but no social media account, most of the viewers will not take your services.

People these days have a habit of checking out the social media accounts of brands to know their authenticity.

Social media gives you a space where you can define your business idea, its goals, motive, and values in a very candid way.

Let’s take an example of a service industry firm, Say a Lawyers firm and it specializes in a particular category like personal injury, truck accidents, etc. The firm can use social media to show its accomplishments, they can give general legal awareness which makes an impact on a brand that sympathizes with others’ feelings. And for a particular category they can make the content related to a specific category on how to deal with the claims and how to file a lawsuit, the cost involved using their social media, and answer to the public issue using their handle. Which will increase their brand awareness and the possibility of getting an eye on the public.

The last tip related to social media is that be creative with your posts:

Work on SEO

Statistics show that 62% of people use search engines to find out about any service or product business.

How amazing it would be if your service comes up in the top google searches, and that is not impossible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to optimize your website content and make it appear in top google searches, that way you can drive a lot of organic traffic to your business site. If the query of the searcher matches best with your website content the google search engine will prefer your site.

For SEO to work for you you need to

Email Marketing

Brand awareness is very important and it can help you drive sales, for this purpose email marketing is very useful and it should not be considered a dead tactic.

Email is very personal, you can have a list of your targeted audience based on their actions, preferences, and basic personal information and then you can hit them up with an email of your services, this can give you the required results.

Paid Ads

You can use different paid ads options for your business, like PPC (pay-per-click) as It strategically targets the consumers who can be interested to have your services, hence it creates a great chance of converting a visitor into a customer.

PPC charges the business owner per click on their ad, it can be a bit expensive but can assure you more return on investment.

Other than that you can run Facebook or Instagram ads,  almost 2.91 billion people use Facebook actively, so it is a huge market for your service.

Work on your content

Content marketing is the king and it is proved by a search that shows that content marketing drives higher conversion rates and 3 times more leads.

You can use your content to explain your expertise, build trust, and create awareness.

If you have good content on your site a visitor tends to stay and it increases the chance of a conversion.

Track conversion Metrics

It is important to know which market tactic is working for your business, so you can decide the future strategy according to that, it seems like a tough task but you can do it with the help of tools like Google Analytics, this shows you what is happening with your site at the back end.

Gives you a report on

This data will save you money and time as your next step will be more calculated and precise.

This is the era of digital marketing and if you want to scale up your service business you need to adopt these strategies. Scaling your business is an art, and not doing it the right way can make you lose many clients. You don’t necessarily need to increase your budget to work on these tools, you just need to change your focus.

About the Author

Helena Zimmer is a digital marketing enthusiast and a content creator. She loves to talk about positive relationships and when she is free she loves to travel and watch documentaries.

This content was originally published here.

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