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If you are looking to hire a logo designer, and are wondering how much a Logo Design Costs, then I might be able to help.

This isn’t about how other people price up their logo design projects; this is just about how The Logo Smith has simplified the issue of logo design budgets and pricing.

Up and till now, I have asked each potential client to put forward a budget for the logo design, and then from that we are able to adjust that figure based on the information provided in their brief.

However, I have long thought that asking clients to name a figure for a logo design can be off putting, so I’m taking that out of the equation.

£2495 per Bespoke Logo Design.
£3995 per Logo Redesign.

Simplify my Logo Design Pricing

From now on, there is no having to work out what budget to tell me, no need to figure out if you’re under, or over pricing.

The same £2495 ensures that EVERY. SINGLE. PROJECT gets the very best from me.

If you are also looking for a more detailed Brand Identity, rather than just a logo design, then I have a selection of Logo Bolt-on’s that can be picked out as required: stationery, website, icons & application icons, social media skinning, brochures etc.

No Comprises

No magic formula for the logo design prices above, other than £2500 has been about the average budget for a logo design, and between £5000-£10,000 for a larger and more involved logo and brand identity design.

Obviously the logo design budget of £2495 will not be affordable for many, but conversely it will be quite a bargain for others.

Why is a logo redesign / logo update / logo refresh, more expensive?

It’s because much more care, and consideration, has to be given to the existing branding before thinking about developing and designing something new.

Many more factors need to be thought about when tackling a logo redesign, than is the case with creating a brand new logo from scratch.

It’s critical that the new logo design is an improvement; not just aesthetically, but on a business and branding perspective.

This is a significant challenge for a logo and brand identity designer.

For these reasons, more time and resources are needed, and so the price reflects these challenges.

A Simple Strategy

I’m hoping that by keeping my logo design pricing super simple, and also at a reasonable market rate; not dirt cheap as to devalue the challenges and skill required to develop a logo design and accompanying brand identity, that it will provide an easier and more transparent approach to hiring a logo designer.

If you have any questions about these logo design prices, or would like to talk to me about the possibility of hiring me for your own logo and/or logo & brand identity design, then please do get in touch:

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