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1. Quality ingredients. With your martini, it’s high quality liquor – Grey Goose, Kettle One, Russian Standard…perhaps Bombay Sapphire if you’re a gin drinker. But, don’t skimp on quality here!

With your logo, quality begins with the designer you choose.

2. Partake in the making. Even if you’re not preparing your martini, you still decide whether you prefer it shaken or stirred.  “Dirty, dry, up, on the rocks?”  A good bartender will have the experience and talent to know how best to shake or stir – how many cubes are needed, if on the rocks and how much salty olive juice to include if you like it dirty.

A good designer will do the same for your logo. The designer’s interpretation of what you ask for is half the job. How well the designer listens and the willingness to revise as needed, to meet your satisfaction, speaks to a level of professionalism.

3. Pleasant surprise.  A proficient drink mixer will offer you something more – blue cheese olives? Yes, please! Something you may not have thought to ask for, but just the right offering suggests that you’ve chosen a great place to imbibe.

A talented designer leads the way down the path to logo design delight. Not every client has been through the design process or knows what they want. But, they want to be pleasantly surprised by seeing something beyond their expectation.

4. Enjoy.  In the case of your martini, let that first sip begin to relax the tension in your shoulders and remind you that you’ve earned this bit of delight.

With your logo, you’ve got to love it! From handing out your business card to putting it on a sign or promotional product, if you don’t feel a sense of pride every time – start over. It’s too important. You don’t leave the house wearing wrinkled clothes or scuffed up shoes, because you care deeply about how you represent yourself. In business, your logo will lift you or cause you to slouch.

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