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Google is changing the logo of its Gmail app. The iconic envelope logo is now being changed to an “M” design that is more in line with the company’s other applications with the familiar blue, red, yellow, and green brand colors.

The new logo now seems to match other applications like Google Maps, Photos, Chrome, and others. According to TheVerge, the search engine giant was considering to drop the M altogether as well, or fully removing the Gmail red color as well. However, people involved in the initial research studies weren’t happy with the changes. So, in the end, Google realized that the envelope part of the Gmail wasn’t a part of its critical design element.

Looking at the new logo, it is still majorly composed of red, with hints of yellow, blue,  and green holding up the arch of the M. Similar to Gmail, Google has also recently overhauled the designs of its other applications within its mobile services, including Calendar, Docs, Meet, and Sheets logos that now closely resemble the new Gmail design.

Furthermore, the new branding is also a part of a broader revamp of the G Suite software ecosystem, which is now known as the Google Workspace. This move from the company is aimed at bringing together multiple apps with seamless integration by merging Gmail, Chat, and Docs into one. It would also allow it to better compete with the integration from its competitor, Microsoft, with its Office and Outlook email.



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