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Why work with an expert at FreeLogoDesign?

There are several options when creating a logo. So why should you work with an expert at FreeLogoDesign? Our three main advantages are experience, a simple process and file types.

Have you ever noticed that there are hundreds of logo templates on the FreeLogoDesign logo maker? We have more than 2000. Whether for restaurants, a company or sports club, these logo templates were created by our team of graphic designers. Therefore, they know about logos! Whether you are looking for a refined monogram logo or a combined logo with a touch of madness, they will have several ideas for you. 

Next, it’s simple to work with an expert at FreeLogoDesign. Simply answer some questions then one of our graphic designers will contact you by email. At this stage, we will have an idea of what type of logo you want, in terms of color and style. After a few days, you will have a custom logo in hand.

Finally, whether for the web or for print, we know the importance of having a logo in different formats. That way, it can meet your needs. When you choose FreeLogoDesign for a custom logo, we will make sure that you have several different file types (PDF, PNG, SVG).

What is the price of a custom logo?

If you go through an agency, you will most like pay several hundred dollars to have a custom logo. Depending on their availability, you may also have to wait several weeks before seeing the final product. FreeLogoDesign offers different options.

First, we have a logo maker where you can create a logo yourself. Then, for custom logo requests, we have a team of graphic designers. For this service, the rate is fixed: $349 USD.

What is the process to get a custom logo made?

If you want to work with FreeLogoDesign designers, follow the steps. You will have to answer a few questions so that we can get an idea of what you are looking for.

First step: The type of logo.

You will have to choose between three types of logos: a signature logo, combination mark logo and symbol logo. The signature logo is only the name of the company. The combined logo is the name of the company and an icon. This type of logo is also the most popular for businesses. Finally, as the name suggests, the symbol logo is only an icon – no text. Once you have made your decision, click Proceed to go to the next step.

Step Two: Logo Style

Do you have an idea of the style of logo you want? To help us understand what you have in mind, choose from our selection of logo styles that you think are relevant. There is something for everyone; you can choose as many as you like. Keep in mind, the more precise you are, the easier it will be for our graphic designers to create a custom logo that will match what you want.

Step three: Choice of colors

Colors have a specific meaning, so you should not choose them randomly when creating your logo and brand image. For this third step, we ask you to choose two colors that suit your mind best. We have both cool colors and warm colors. If you already have color codes, you can add them by clicking the Custom Color button.

Step four: Your business information

At this stage, we ask that you provide a little information about your needs and business. For example, we will ask you for the name that should appear on the logo, whether there should be a slogan, the industry, a small description of your activities or your target clientele. You can also add additional comments in the More Information field as needed. Once completed, click Confirm Order. One of our graphic designers will contact you in the following days to begin the creation process.

Step five: Creation

The graphic designer assigned to creating your logo will analyze your answers and create three different proposals. You can then choose the one you prefer and ask for adjustments or modifications. Note that you have three rounds of review. Therefore, the more accurate you are, the easier it will be to meet your needs. When you are satisfied, we will send you your final logo in different file formats. That’s it. It’s no more complicated than that!

Ready to get started? The team of graphic designers at FreeLogoDesign designs dozens of professional-looking logos every month. Don’t wait any longer, order your custom logo now and let our experts create for you! 

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