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The symbolism of the diamond and rhombus

For the purposes of this article, we are going to discuss both diamonds and rhombuses since they are two similar shapes. However, they have some specificities, depending on the symbolism of the shape.  

To start, the diamond is one of the symbols the most associated with wealth and luxury. Therefore, we see this shape being used by jewelry stores or other high-end companies. The diamond also represents perfection, immortality, and indestructibility. It is recognized that diamonds are hard and difficult to break.

As for rhombuses, they also have a special meaning. This shape inspires sharing and exchange. However, since it is a square-like shape, rhombuses can also give a sense of order and security. The rhombus can be a great alternative if you do not want to use the square or rectangle as the main geometric shape in your logo.

Why use a diamond for your company logo

There are several reasons why it may be a good idea to use a diamond or rhombus in your logo. First, if you want to offer high-end products or services, this is the perfect shape. Diamonds aren’t just for jewelry stores.

Also, we noticed that diamonds and rhombuses were shapes that are not often used in company logos. So, it could be one way to stand out from the other companies.

It is worth mentioning that among the important trends of 2023 for logos, there is the Art Deco style. This artistic movement of the early 20th century particularly liked to use geometric shapes, including diamonds and rhombuses. So, this is an option to consider if you’re looking for inspiration.

Some tips for using diamonds in your logo

If you think diamonds or rhombuses could be the perfect shape to use for your logo, here are some tips to make it happen.

First, why not use a diamond or rhombus as the background shape for your logo? If you want to create a badge or coat of arms logo, a diamond could help you stand out from other companies that use a circle or square. 

The use of simple, minimalist lines is also an important trend for logos this year. Why not just use a few lines to create the desired shape? As the diamond is composed of several small faces, this could give nice looking results.

Finally, we recommend that you take the time to choose the perfect diamond or rhombus icon when creating your logo. It is just as possible to choose a small diamond to put at the end of your business name as to use this shape right in the center.

Some examples of logos using diamonds

As we mentioned above, diamond and rhombus are not widely used shapes for company logos. We have, however, managed to find you four different examples of logos using this shape so that you can see various options.

Let’s start with Renault, a French car manufacturer. Although initially this company had chosen the circle for their logo, since 1925, Renault has used a diamond. It should be noted that this manufacturer has also redesigned their logo recently using only lines to represent this shape. This is a great example of minimalist logo redesign that respects the history and essence of the brand.

Moving on to finance, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, also known as CIBC, recently chose diamonds as the shape for their logo in a redesign. However, open chevrons had been used on some earlier logos, hence the inspiration. This overhaul was done to mark the hundredth anniversary of this bank.

Philadelphia Phillies

If you know a little about baseball, you may know that the field is called the diamond because of its shape. The Philadelphia Phillies, a Major League Baseball team, chose the diamond as the shape for the background of their logo. Although a diamond is used, it is not the only component of the logo. In fact, there is the Liberty Bell, a strong symbol of the city, as well as the name of the team inside the shape.

We couldn’t forget about the famous Superman logo, even if it’s not exactly a company logo. This is a perfect example of a badge logo with the shape of a diamond used as the background. The symbolism is perfect since this superhero is invincible and indestructible, just like the diamond. It is a simple and representative logo that has survived the years.

In conclusion, we hope that we have given you the interest to use a diamond or rhombus when creating your logo. Since this is a shape not often used by businesses, it could help you stand out from the competition. In the last few paragraphs, we mentioned that diamonds could be used as a shape for a logo background. If you want to try this idea, we invite you to take a look at our tips on creating a badge logo. Good luck!

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