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Why do construction companies need a logo?

You’ve probably already noticed that the vast majority of companies have a logo. In fact, when a company doesn’t have a logo, potential customers may wonder if they are serious and credible. Therefore, if you are starting a construction business, do not wait to create your logo.

Logos are used to represent a company and its values. At a glance, we must be able to get an idea of what the company offers as a service. When creating your logo, keep in mind that you don’t have to use a lightning bolt icon if you’re an electrician or use a hammer if you have a company that specializes in renovations. Different elements can help you create an emblem that is representative and distinctive.

How to create a logo for a construction company?

To increase your chances of creating a successful logo for your construction company, there are different steps to follow. You’ll see, it’s not rocket science. The important thing is to remember that you are creating a logo for your company and not a competitor’s.

Step One: Analysis of your business and the market

The first step to creating your logo is to take the time to do an analysis of your construction business. What services do you offer? What are your values? Are you a family business? Do you offer your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Do you specialize in a certain type of construction, or do you know how to do a little bit of everything? All these questions can help you understand how your construction company stands out from the rest. Therefore, these elements should be found in your logo. Then, don’t forget the target audience. If you want to address a specific clientele, it should be seen in your logo.

Step Two: Choose a type of logo

You may already have an idea of the types of logos you like. Maybe you already have a specific idea in mind. The second step is to choose a logo type for your construction company. Each type of logo has advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to know them before making your final choice.

For starters, do you want text, icons, or both in your logo? Which component do you want to promote: the name of your company or your emblem? Monogram and signature logos are only text. Then there are symbol logos. As the name suggests, they are created from a symbol. While combined logos and badges have several components. To help you, be aware that most businesses, especially new companies, often opt for a combination mark logo, as this includes an icon and the name of the company. 

Step Three: Choose a color palette and fonts

Just because you want to create a logo for your construction company doesn’t mean you have to choose the color orange. It’s true that orange is a warm color associated with the field of construction that easily attracts attention, but you can choose any color palette when creating your logo. It could be interesting to choose another shade if most of your competitors have chosen orange for their logo.

As you probably know, colors have meaning. So, you need to make sure you choose a color that will work with your message and values. For example, if you specialize in building eco-friendly homes, you may want to use green or brown in your logo. If you offer renovation services for luxury homes, purple or black are also good options.

Then, once you have chosen the color palette, you need to choose the ideal font for your logo. There are different font families. This component can certainly help you set a tone for your logo, but also for your message. Serif fonts can give your logo a serious, traditional, and professional touch, while sans-serif fonts are considered modern and accessible.

Some examples of known logos related to the field of construction

Are you looking for ideas for your construction company logo? Let’s take a closer look at three company logos related to this field.

Home Depot

The Home Depot logo is simple and very effective. The logo is composed only of the name of the company. However, good contrast and the right font creates quite a result. It should be noted that orange is also used everywhere in the store, whether on the uniform of employees or on different posters. As we mentioned above, orange is a color that easily attracts attention.

Home Hardware 

Home Hardware is another chain of stores related to the construction industry that also uses orange for their logo. However, this company opted for a monogram logo. They created a silhouette of a house, using shapes and the initials of the name of the company. So, even if people don’t know the company, they may suspect that it’s related to construction and renovation.


Not all construction-related companies use orange in their logo. The Canadian hardware store Réno-Dépôt has instead opted for a hammer icon to show that they are in the field of construction. The name of the company is also used in black or white as needed.

In conclusion, FreeLogoDesign has hundreds of icons related to the world of construction. In the editor, you just have to click Add icon and take a look at all the available icons. There is definitely one that will meet your needs. Then, if you are still looking for inspiration, know that we also have a logo ideas page for construction companies.  Enjoy creating!

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