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While they say that everything old becomes new again, the appeal of vintage fonts appears to be timeless.

With their classic design and elegant look, a vintage font can be the perfect thing needed to put your clients’ business over the top. With our list of the Best Vintage Fonts for Branding and Logo Design, you can transport your clients to the past and provide them with a unique, stylish, and timeless design.

To help get the ball rolling, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite vintage fonts for you to consider. Before that though, let’s take a closer look at what a vintage font is.

What is a Vintage Font

A vintage font has the innate ability to transport you and your work to a different era and give it the nostalgic and timeless feel that it needs. No other font style can successfully emulate this. Being able to transport your audience or client back to eras such as Prohibition, or the sixties to bring a breath of fresh air to their business while still upholding their values and ideals.

Best Vintage Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Best Vintage & Retro Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family – $39

A layered, condensed font family, the Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family gets its inspiration from vintage logos, labels, packages, and signage. The font is layered with contextual, stylistic ligatures and alternates and also provides you with special capital letters when you activate the contextual alternate feature. The OpenType features are accessible through programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw, and more.

Hollywood Vintage Font – $12

The glory days of Hollywood were full of glitz, glamour, and incredible stars. The Hollywood Vintage Font, designed by Annenkov Dmitriy is an easy to use typeface that can be used with numerous programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. PUA encoded so all alternate glyphs work automatically, the Hollywood font is perfect for any project you are doing from branding and logo design to posters and more! Included in the set are TrueType and OpenType versions of the font plus a Webfont kit to make everything look amazing!

Knucklehead Font Family – $40

Inspired by the culture found in the American West, the Knucklehead Font Family, created by HeadFonts, the font provides designers with a unique way to communicate with your client and their customers by wrapping their branding and logos with a vintage font that can draw lots of attention. Suited best for designers who are tired of using the same thing over and over again and are interested in creating a new vision and those who like to experiment as well. While the font family is a great choice for branding and logo design, it’s versatile enough for posters, wedding invitations, or just about any other project you can think of.

Vintage Queens – $16

Designed by Putra Novembria and Candra Kusuma, the Vintage Queens typeface gets its inspiration from the typography and lettering used in the 70s and 80s, combined with a bold style of typography that can add a groovy feel to any of your projects. With over 500 glyphs and more than 350 alternates, you have an insane amount of lettering combinations that you can create. Best for use with logotypes, headings, logos, branding, social media, and packaging, the Vintage Queens font can add a groovy new level of fun to your projects.

Braton Composer – $10

Designed by Alit Suarnegara, the Braton Composer font family comes with a vintage look that appears plump, fat, heavy, and strong but still comes across as elegant and unique. The typeface can be categorized as a bold serif font but it also comes with italic options. When combined with swashes and the character alternates, it becomes a very unique and worthy tool in your toolbox. The vintage design makes it a perfect choice for all kinds of projects from logos to branding and everything in between.

The Aviator Font Collection – $15

The vintage look that came with the early days of aviation is on full display with The Aviator Font Collection from Vintage Voyage Design Co. The collection uses four different vintage fonts and brings them together to create a unique, 100% vintage style font. With this collection, you can create your own vintage style whether you prefer clean and elegant or the look of distressed letterpress. The set also comes with more than 50 vintage illustrations that you can use as well as a vintage badge creator. All these extras make The Aviator Font Collection more than worth the price.

Victorian Fonts Collection – $14

The Victorian era was a time of great prosperity and the first industrial revolution. The Victorian Fonts Collection hopes to recapture some of that magic from the 1800s with an easy to use collection. Designed by Burntilldead, the collection features a typeface that is ornamental, decorative, classical, and of course, victorian. The OpenType font includes 200 alternator characters that you can use to create unique logos. With the Victorian Fonts Collection, your work will be fit for a Queen.

Bignord Typeface – $16

Inspired by vintage packaging and typographic cover lettering, the Bignord Typeface is a new font that comes with a distinctly vintage look. Designed by AF Studio, the font is available in five different stylistic variations that allow you to create a vintage feel from the swash of each letter. Created for designing covers, the Bignord typeface is a great option for logo, branding, and any other project that could use a touch of vintage design structure.

Melvis – Vintage Font Family – $19

With five style fonts, the Melvis – Vintage Font Family is a great typeface that you can use on just about any project you’re designing. Created by Craft Supply Co., the set includes extra badges and illustrations that you can use to make your designs just the way you want. A great option for a logo or even branding, the Melvis font can make all of your work stand out from the crowd.

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts – $10

Designed by Alit Design, the Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts collection combines vintage and victorian classic into one of the designers’ favorite creations. The collection comes with three font variations: serif, script, and dingbat. These three font combinations are the epitome of the Victorian classic design concept. The font provides your project with a level of luxury, elegance, and style. As a bonus, the set includes an ornamental collection that has 2 gradient variations with it.

Best Vintage & Retro Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Finding the right font for your latest branding or logo design can be difficult and when you have a client looking for something new, unique, and vintage, the difficulty level can be turned up to 11. With our list of the Best Vintage Fonts for Branding and Logo Design, we have given you our list of the best vintage fonts that can take your design work to another level.

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