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We are a content production firm. Our audience is other website owners who need someone to do their content for them (18-35 mostly male some female).
Try some stuff in red, but not so red it pops. Play with the “beef” aspect, like ground beef, but only if it’s like cartooney and cute. Because it’s probably hard to make beef look good in any form…

The logo doesn’t need to be much, and please don’t go over the top or too techy with it. Like, a little meat puppet, like kirby but made of groundbeef.

Maybe like, a folder or a book that is really stuffed with info, or a computer that is obviously stuffed, something to convey the content is beefy, good, high-quality.

idk, just start trying some things you think look cool and I’ll give feedback.

Reference Samples:

Reference Samples:

Exponential Blogging9 days ago
Hey so quick update for everyone, been through about the first 30 subs with a critical eye. The tech-themed stuff isn’t working nearly as well as the beef/meat themed stuff. Visual suggestions of beef (a burger, a beefy shape) seems to work better than styling evoking the animal (cow stuff) because we need the client to think about their high quality (beefy) content they’re going to get, not red meat necessarily…
Please see my comments on specific designs. And the colors – reds, pinks that scan in the red theme, etc., that work on a white background, are looking best. Some of these other options – blues, oranges, etc. – because of the beefy branding we are pretty much locked into a color scheme here, and it’s going to be some kind of red. That said, try to make sure the logo can be presented as black on white as well, but that’s less important overall. The winner isn’t going to be selected on a requirement for “works black on white,” so, that is just a nice to have. HAS to work on white.
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