Design Brief6 days ago
Logo Name:
Beach N Baits
Company Intro:
We sell bait, fishing equipment, plus beach toys, beach umbrellas, t shirts and other items for people going to the beach
We want a fun style logo. LOGO DESIGN MUST NOT BE SQUARE OR ROUND. We want a design that is wider than it is tall so it fits better in website banner area. Something like the Dragon Sanctuary example logo has a proportion like we want.

We want to see some designs with a cute pirate girl that might looks sort of similar to the character Erin Esurance (file uploaded). Do not copy that, but something similar with a pirate look.

Since we are beach and fishing site, a main color should be blue, but you can be creative with the other colors to use. Beaches have sand, so maybe a sandy color and then a fun, bright contrast color to go with it it.

It is not essential to have a pirate girl in every design… since we have both fishing and the beach as our name and sales, there could be some cute ideas with beach umbrella, fishing pole, fish on a line, etc.

Creative, fun and cute is the feeling.


Reference Samples:

Design Concepts Completed3 days ago
Hi Designers, some cute designs submitted, but we prefer to have the dimensions of the logo be 3 or 4 times wider than it is tall. NOT the round / square type dimensions. So, if logo is 200px tall, then width should be like 600 to 800px wide (500px wide at least).
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