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This contest is about creating a logo to represent AI safety research. 

I’m being supported by an independent funder and people from nonlinear.org and am taking care of administration and communication.

We’re doing an open process (voting) and want to involve different people through the contest to get a better logo design and to increase the chances of adoption.

1) rough concept ideas contest

deadline: May 15th 2023

We’re looking for different quick and great design ideas for this round. Not everything has to be spot on yet, this will be done in 2) and 3) .

Submit as many rough logo design ideas as you want as a .PNG and .SVG file to this Google Form: https://forms.gle/6fwVYbPBrqVdCHax6

2) feedback & voting on best design ideas chosen by jury

May 20th – Juni 3rd 2023 (2 weeks)

Via another Google Form, this post will be updated with the link once there’s a selection by the jury of 5 – 10 contest submissions available.

Only accounts with at least 100 Karma on  or lesswrong.com are allowed to vote.

With a $ 1.5k prize pool for the best design ideas from the contest which are being used further, this might be one design or multiple as decided by the votes & the jury, with the prize money spread out evenly. 

We’re open for someone to increase the prize pool, please send me an email!

3) polishing of winning design(s)

We’ll hire a great designer for creating the final logo from the winning design(s).

After the completion of the contest the final logo will be publicly available for free use at  .
If you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected] 


I’d like to disclose here that I’m also trying to enter an idea myself, however I won’t be able to decide on my own which designs are considered for polishing.

Composition of the jury: two people from Nonlinear, an independent funder, me (Adrian Cipriani)


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