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Instagram is one of the most renowned social media networks, and it has already revolutionized corporate marketing techniques. These strategies are of great importance and are becoming the core concentration of marketers.

Developing a strong Instagram marketing plan is now a necessity, requiring businesses and brands to create the most acceptable alternatives for more engagement. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to exhibit your company’s core values or a regular user seeking to get the most out of Instagram, you should know some useful Instagram hacks and features to stand out from the rest.

Although there are tons of apps, from the Instagram viewer for private profiles to fancy text generators that broaden your Instagram experience, there are many features in the Instagram app alone that you are missing and didn’t know existed. Incorporating the right hacks into your Instagram marketing strategy can assist in growing the company’s loyal customers and sales. With these Instagram tips, you’ll be posting like a pro. Let’s explore some of the most popular Instagram hacks and features for a better experience.

Instagram Hacks and Features

Hide Your Hashtags On Insta Stories

You often add a handful of hashtags to your Instagram stories to increase organic traffic. This is usually an excellent tactic for attracting new followers. The issue is that no one wants their story to be covered with hashtags. It simply appears to be excessively commercial.

There is, however, a technique to conceal hashtags in Instagram Stories. It implies that your Stories can still benefit from hashtags even if they aren’t shown over your photos. Type out your hashtags and squeeze them to make them smaller if you want to conceal them in your Instagram Stories. Place an image sticker or GIF over the hashtag text to make it completely invisible!

There is another way to do so. Try to write the hashtag on the bold background of your picture. Select the brush or pen and use the strokes to fill in the hashtag in the same color as the background image. Your image now has a hidden hashtag faded into the backdrop.

Posts You’ve Liked

Suppose you liked a post on Instagram unknowingly, and now that post has disappeared from your feed, but you are still confused if you hit the like button or not. No worries at all! With the “Posts You’ve Liked” feature, Instagram saves the last 300 liked posts, so if you desire to know whether you’ve liked a particular post before, you can conveniently visit and confirm.

To check your liked posts, you can click on your profile and go to the menu. Visiting the settings and clicking the account button will take you to the “Posts You’ve Liked.” Click here to see the last three hundred posts you have liked to avoid any inconvenience.

Organize the Filters You Love

Instagram filters are enhancements that you may apply to your photographs to make them more aesthetically appealing. When it comes to creating a unified theme that promotes your business, these filters may save you energy and money.

Using the Instagram filter hack, you may rearrange these filters however you see fit. Customize the whole filter menu so that your favorite filters are always at hand. This is the technique that you must use to achieve your goals.

Before posting a video or photo, click the filters. By pressing and holding a filter at the bottom of the screen, you can move it to your desired position, altering your filter’s arrangement. To conceal the filter, drag it to the point where it reads Drag to Hide.

Inactive Accounts Can Be Unfollowed in Bulk

Instagram assists you in quickly finding Instagram accounts that you don’t need to follow anymore. The reason can be either they have gone inactive or because their work is no longer relevant to you.

Go to your “Profile” and select the “Following” option to see them all in one place. You’ll find a list of profiles you’ve “Least Interacted With” on the following screen. Clicking on this allows you to evaluate accounts with which you’ve had the least amount of interaction in the previous sixty days. Go through each account carefully, and if you decide you don’t want to follow them anymore, just press “Following” to unfollow them.

Limit Screen Time By Using the Built-In Timer

Are you spending far too much time scrolling? No fears, Instagram’s screen-time-limitation feature will work nicely for you. Read the following steps to supervise your Instagram scroll timings by activating the built-in-timer.

Sort the Stuff You’ve Saved Into Folders

When you save something on Instagram, it goes right into your Saved section. It’s good to make category folders within your Saved feature to arrange stuff properly that you want to go back to. Instead of scrolling through pages of postings to get what you’re searching for, you can get to it immediately by categorizing.

Go to your profile and press the menu to add collection folders to your Saved section. Now press the Saved button, which has a bookmark icon. To create a new collection folder, hit the “+” icon in your Saved area and give it a name. You may now add the posts to that folder you wish to display there.

Make Quick Responses by Creating Shortcuts

This feature is convenient for company pages and community managers dealing with the same questions daily. If you experience many of the same questions, you could also use quick responses or auto-replies for your personal Instagram profile. This tip may save you time while still indicating that you care about your followers.

You can set up automated answers when responding to comments and queries by selecting the Attach button and going to Quick Replies from the drop-down menu. Choose the desired rapid response. The message will display in the text entry filed automatically. You may either edit the message or send it as is.

People Also Asked

Is DMing on Instagram secure?

In an end-to-end encrypted chat, the content of your messages and calls is secured from the minute it leaves your device until it reaches the receiver’s device. This implies that no one, even Facebook, can see or hear what is communicated or stated during the delivery.

Is it possible to know if you peek at someone’s Instagram?

Users on Instagram are unable to see who has seen their account. So, if you see someone’s profile and don’t comment or like a post, they have no chance of knowing who is looking at their photos.

Instagram marketing may come in several different forms. You might be doing a social media campaign, running sponsored ads, focusing on Reels, or encouraging people to enter a selfie contest. Whatever you do, applying these hacks to boost your profile will significantly increase the number of followers and engagement.

These tips and tactics are straightforward, yet they provide something unique that most Instagram users are unaware of. Read the above guide and make your way straight to success!

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