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Skip this article if you are hungry because we are revealing a collection of the best templates for food websites!

Here you will find a template for a website for a cafe, restaurant, drink shops, delivery services, and a vending machine store. These 50 delicious products from TemplateMonster are ready to become the perfect framework for your future site!

By the way, did you decide how your website should look? Should it be bright and juicy or do you want to use a pastel palette of colors to make it calm? Familiarize yourself with our cool collection that contains products for different tastes.

Have a snack to not tease your stomach while choosing the best template and let’s begin!

50 Best Food Website Templates That Satisfy All Food Lovers

Take a look at this premium and absolutely responsive theme for a food website. After purchase, you will be able to choose between 6 homepages and 2 menu pages, use 138 HTML pages, blog and blog details pages, about us and contact us pages, and a 404 page.

This template is packed with amazing design options such as Mega Menu, 8 color variations, 15 shortcode pages element, Google fonts, material icons, a great variety of HTML and CSS files, and shortcodes.

The initial design of the template is sophisticated and stylish!

This template is a good solution for a fast food website. The Bootstrap product has more than 35 ready-made HTML5 pages. Plus, you will benefit from the great variety of design options. For instance, you can build a layout with the help of the default, corporate, or sidebar header. You will have a wide choice of menu options (classic, modern, single). Supplement your website with different forms, buttons, and icons. Organize information in different tabs and accordions, and add tables for extra convenience.

This template is well-designed and has clear coding.

Familiarize yourself with the next yummy template from the reliable and experienced vendor – ZEMEZ.

This is a multipage template that means that there are pages for different subjects and purposes. More than 50 ready-made HTML5 pages are ready for you! Use an amazing set of UI elements and blocks, widgets, and a huge number of the design options!

This fully responsive template for a food website includes all the images from the demo. It is packed with a breathtaking set of animation effects

Here is another multipurpose template for 3 different websites. The vendor has recently announced that a new template is in the process of development and more websites are coming soon.

Currently, you can use this template with a cool set of design options, widgets and other opportunities for an e-commerce shop, agency, blog, or portfolio.

Speaking of food websites, this template includes a stylish and convenient website framework for your future gastronomic masterpiece 🙂

Launching a food delivery website? This template will help you create a catchy and quality product!

With the help of 19 HTML pages, 6 blog layouts, 4 homepages, Mega Menu, and a great set of layouts, you will create a food delivery website in a matter of hours. The very neat and clean design is a bonus.

The images are not included.

This splendid Bootstrap4 product is multipurpose and contains pages for food, fashion, jewelry, toys and games, furniture, and electronics websites.

After purchase, you will get access to 33 HTML pages, 9 product variations, 7 shop variations, 6 home versions, free fonts, amazing banners, headers, footers, and widgets! This is a full-fledged product for food website creation!

Don’t waste your time and choose quality products from TemplateMonster.

Look at this sophisticated Italian grace and elegance! A fully responsive template is a perfect fit for a cafe and restaurant with Italian cuisine. A rich kit of UI elements, Parallax effect to draw the attention of the demanding customers, and a calm but stylish color scheme will create an appealing look for your site!

By the way, premium 24/7 support is guaranteed by the vendor.

Here comes a universal solution for a food site, portfolio, agency or fashion website.

This template includes a video page that will add dynamics to your content. People love something that makes the website unique and stands out in the crowd. Video effects and animation is a perfect way to do that.

Valid HTML5 and CSS3 and clear documentation is included.

Yes, this template is the perfect match for a craft beer website. Bright and thirst-quenching, with convenient product pages – it has everything to become the foundation for your future site.

Along with a beer pub page, it includes six different layouts and six different pages for different purposes. Want to add attractiveness to your website? Use an effective UI elements kit and an extended Bootstrap Toolkit. “Refresh” your content with 5 premium and quality images. Be creative!

Refresh is another multipurpose template. For a reasonable price, you get templates that can be used for food, clothing, fashion, shoes, jewelry, boutique, makeup products, furniture, and electronics websites. Beneficial? Of course!

Plus, you can work with multi-options for homepage creation, Mega Menu, hot categories, Google fonts, and icons. You can make your website stand out with the help of the brand slider, owl carousel slider with CSS3 transitions, list, and grid products view, etc.

This template is a perfect combination of stylish design and convenience.

In love with hot and spicy Mexican cuisine? Then this template can become a perfect fit for your future Mexican food website!

It includes more than 35 HTML5 pages that you can really stuff with content such as drag and drop text, pictures, and animation. Decorate a website with the help of different Gallery types (grid, masonry, cobbles).

The template has 12 blog layouts for those who have something to say about Mexican culture 🙂

This artsy-crafty but stylish template has more than 40 HTML5 pages that you can use right away after purchase!

It is packed with useful elements such as multiple forms, buttons, icons, tabs, table styles, grid systems, progress bars, pricing tables, and more to boost the functionality of the website. With the help of the aforementioned elements, you will be able to organize the content in the most appealing and convenient way.

Multiple Gallery styles and bright pictures will be a perfect “add-on” to the appealing look of your site.

Forget about the lightweight shops with vegan or low-fat food! A Butcher shop is hype! If you plan to open an online meat shop, you need this responsive template. Regardless of the specialty of your shop (meat, chicken, mutton, fish, or seafood), you will find a template for your ideal setup.

Choose between 10 HTML pages, 2 index pages, JQuery files, Parallax effect, and different page templates to create a catchy and stylish e-commerce meat site!

If you didn’t like the previous coming soon website template, check this one. It has 4 variations for demanding clients and if you are a supporter of simple elegance and restrained design, you will definitely like one of them!

MailChimp integration, PHP contact form, slider, image, and video backgrounds, minimal version, and of course, a countdown plugin are included.

Are you on your way to opening a cooking school? Build a website with this responsive multipage template! Along with an amazing design, you will manage to use a cool set of design options. For instance, the product includes a rich set of UI elements, multiple headings, banners, headers, and footers.

You can stuff more than 25 HTML pages with quality HD images and animation into this product. There is an e-commerce page template for the case if you plan to sell products.

It also comes along with a working newsletter subscription form.

Hey, vegans! If you are launching a food website, consider purchasing this juicy and catchy template to create a site in a matter of hours!

This Bootstrap product has amazing animation, quality images, and handy design options. With the help of these features, standing out is much easier!

Familiarize yourself with a nice variant for a European cafe or restaurant website.

For a hot price, you get more than 400 HTML pages, 80 multi- and one-page demos, visual drag and drop Novi builder, advanced UI elements kit, extended Bootstrap Toolkit, and 9 different skins!

Frame your site with the help of amazing headers and footers and create an outstanding blog choosing one of four blog layouts. Add convenience to your site with the help of a working contact form and booking form.

This template gets 5 stars on our website and is truly worth considering!

Let’s take a break and drink a cup of freshly brewed aromatic coffee. Planning to launch an online coffee shop? Great! We have a template for you!

Just look at this amazing and useful kit of UI elements! With its help, you can both inform and entertain your customers. It presents information in a very convenient and stylish way!

Stuff more than 30 HTML pages with content, add buttons, forms, icons, and tables to make it 100% convenient and organized. Don’t forget about rich design and typography options.

This is one of our favorite templates and you will also like it! With the help of the rich kit of UI elements and HD images, you will create a fancy sports bar and restaurant website in a matter of hours!

Valid coding is SEO-friendly. It will help you stand out among other sports bars and attract more customers.

Share information on more than 35 HTML pages and decorate them with the help of various fonts and animation. Don’t forget to use handy elements that add functionality (buttons and forms).

Just take a look at this bright and creative template for a food delivery website!

It is packed with the major tech characteristics and the developers have worked thoroughly on the coding. Still, if you face any problems, the vendor promises to provide support 24/7.

Are there any junk food fans out there? If you are the one trying to launch an online store with burgers, you should definitely consider this template for a fast-food site.

The responsive template includes a stick-to-top menu that remains at the top of the page while the visitor scrolls down. The navigation menu is always under the customer’s review. You can also use a TM Gallery to showcase your products.

To boost the productivity of the website, you can use a Lazy Load effect. If you turn it on, the pages at the bottom of the page won’t load until a person scrolls down to them. In this case, the page will load faster.

Did you notice the tempting smell of juicy BBQ meat? Someone is ready to launch a website for a BBQ restaurant, isn’t he?

For this purpose, consider purchasing this responsive template with a Parallax effect, font icons, contact form, a counter, and more elements and options.

This stylish template goes along with 40 ready-made HTML5 pages including not only product pages but also a blog with a convenient layout! With the help of the rich UI elements kit, you will be able to add interesting elements to your website such as opinion polls, voting polls, interesting facts, tabs with quotes, etc.

Make a unique and outstanding website with the help of multiple header and footer layouts and gallery types!

This template has multiple instruments that will satisfy your creative ideas.

Here is another nifty template for an Italian restaurant!

It has everything to make a website convenient for the customers. A calm color scheme won’t distract your visitors from familiarizing themselves with a menu and other specifics about your restaurant. Sliders will help present more information in a very concise and appealing way. The stick-to-top menu will contribute to easy navigation.

Valid semantic coding is important for smooth workflow of the website. The developers of the theme have already taken care of it.

Ni Hao! Planning to open an online Chinese restaurant? Try to do it with this simple but promising template with a rich set of options!

Besides the fact that it’s absolutely responsive, it will guarantee the perfect display in all browsers. Your customers will feel comfortable while navigation through the website.

Let’s take a quick look at two more templates for an online sushi restaurant.

This one will amuse you with a restrained color scheme in a Japanese style. Plus, clear coding will reduce the possible issues with the work of the website.

The next suitable template for a sushi bar website is designed in a white color scheme and is also very stylish.

A single code database powered by Bootstrap also helps a website work smoothly. It already has a high rating on our website. Try it now!

We know that you will definitely like this saucy template for a public place website. It has 35 HTML pages and 13 blog layouts to create a full-fledged online presentation of your restaurant.

With the help of the rich UI elements and plugins kit, your future visitors could book a table and find the location of your restaurant easily with the help of Google maps! Different types of galleries guarantee a “tasty” presentation of your dishes.

Fewer words, more action – check out the demo of the template and purchase it to launch your own website fast!

Let’s check out a couple of templates for a seafood restaurant website!

This multipurpose HTML template has a huge set of UI elements and blocks. It won’t only add unique elements to your site but organize the content in an attractive and convenient way.

It is packed with a set of contact forms. For instance, with the help of the Reservation Form, your visitors will be able to book a table easily and will always have a chance to taste the delicious dishes in your restaurant.

In fact, you can use up to 30 HTML pages as you want and fill your site with all the needed content.

Here is the last template with an amazing Italian note in our collection!

By the way, it has a quick view option that allows viewing all of the images from the gallery at once. Visitors won’t need to open each image in the new tab and that’s convenient.

This is a modern and multifunctional template for a restaurant and cafe that will satisfy the taste of demanding owners.

The technical characteristics are indeed rich. You can use working Ajax forms to provide an opportunity to give feedback and reach you. There are amazing design options including a well-known Parallax effect and sliders.

Plus, the template is absolutely optimized for speed and is SEO-friendly.

As a result, you get a high-grade product for a very reasonable price. It’s only you, who creates your website, so, it will definitely meet your taste.

In order to expand the geography and satisfy those who are planning to open an online Mexican restaurant, we present two templates with cool characteristics.

Bright colors, quality and tempting images of food, buttons, and grid layouts will help you to create a “spicy” website!

Your visitors won’t be able to help to order fresh pastries from your website once they visit! Quality images that make your stomach growl, UI elements and blocks that create a convenient layout, fancy headers, and footers for an aesthetic view, and live search and contact forms contribute to the interaction and easy navigation throughout the site.

Does this sound like the description of a flawless template? You are absolutely right!

Here is a splendid template for a catering service website. Along with the basic technical characteristics that you can check out here, it offers you to launch an Ajax search form that provides possible search results while the person keeps on typing the search inquiry.

Furthermore, it has a well-designed contact form that allows visitors to keep up with you by supplying the needed information.

You can also load your site with quality images with the help of Carousel or Isotope gallery types. It’s also possible to launch an online chat to your site.

How about 5 o’clock tea? By the way, our vendors have prepared a classy template for tea and coffee shops. It’s a universal product and you can use it for any kind of food and drinks related business.

The template is fully customizable and the developers prepared a solid set of options to create a unique website.

This yummy template is made according to the latest design trends. Attract your potential customers with the help of the background videos and stylish circular icons.

Spread the word about the process of making honey in the blog! Add a Parallax effect and your unique and original website is almost ready.

Here is another “5 –star” template from our selection! Stylish, responsive, packed with amazing technology and design options – all this is available for you at a hot price. Don’t waste your time – purchase this saucy template for your unique food and drinks website.

Let’s celebrate the end of our collection with this amazing template for a cocktail bar website!

This product is suitable if you have a cocktail bar, want to share cocktail recipes, or sell equipment for making cocktails. The template is SEO-friendly and that means you can become competitive in this business.

A modern and well thought out design is an important feature and the substantial advantage of this template.

It was the last tasty product that closes our selection of the best templates for food and drink websites but we have more to offer. You can search your dream template by the topic, popular features, popularity, styles, colors, or by category.

Save your time and money with TemplateMonster and purchase quality products!

TOP 50 Food Website Templates

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Resta – Responsive Restaurant Website Template ThemesHub Cafe Templates $85
Quick Food – Fast Food Restaurant Responsive Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Fast Food Restaurant Templates $75
Avenue – Restaurant Responsive Multipage HTML Website Template ZEMEZ Steakhouse Templates $72
Litmus – Creative Multipurpose Website Template Tortoiz BBQ Restaurant Templates $72
Aahar – Food Delivery Bootstrap4 Website Template ThemesHub Bakery Templates $85
Neha – Responsive Multipurpose eCommerce Website Template ThemesHub Food Store Templates $85
Venice Restaurant – Cafe & Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Cafe and Restaurant Templates $75
Orange – One Page Bootstrap Website Template theme_ocean Marketing Agency Templates $75
BeerPub – Food and Restaurant Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Pub Templates $75
Refresh – Food & Restaurant Website Template Website Template JTV Food Store Templates $72
Firmino – Mexican Restaurant Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Mexican Restaurant Templates $75
Food & Drink Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Food & Drink Templates $75
Meat Shop eCommerce Website Template webstrot Business & Services $72
Fluid – Animated Coming Soon Template surjithctly Photography Templates $72
Cookster – Cooking School Responsive Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Cooking School Templates $75
Vegan Food – Vegetarian Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Vegetarian Restaurant Templates $75
Resto – Cafe & Restaurant Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ European Restaurant Templates $75
Coffee Shop Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Coffee Shop Templates $75
Sports Bar & Restaurant Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Pub Templates $75
Food Ordering Service Website Template ZEMEZ Fast Food Restaurant Templates $75
Big Good Burger – Fast Food Website Template ZEMEZ Fast Food Restaurant Templates $69
BBQ Restaurant Responsive Website Template WT BBQ Restaurant Templates $75
Good Food Website Template ZEMEZ Cooking Templates $75
Italian Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Italian Restaurant Templates $75
Chinese Restaurant Responsive Website Template WT Chinese Restaurant Templates $75
Sushi Bar Responsive Website Template WT Sushi Bar Templates $75
Sushi Bar Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Sushi Bar Templates $75
Food Wine Website Template ZEMEZ Cafe and Restaurant Templates $75
Seafood Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Seafood Restaurant Templates $75
Seafood Restaurant Responsive Website Template WT Seafood Restaurant Templates $75
Italian Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Italian Restaurant Templates $75
Italian Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Italian Restaurant Templates $75
INTENSE Restaurant Website Template ZEMEZ Cafe and Restaurant Templates $72
Cupcakes Bakery Website Template ZEMEZ Bakery Templates $69
Mexican Restaurant Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Mexican Restaurant Templates $69
Mexican Website Template WT Mexican Restaurant Templates $69
Bakery Multipurpose Website Template ZEMEZ Bakery Templates $75
Maria’s Bakery Website Template WT Bakery Templates $69
Catering Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Catering Templates $69
Tea Company Website Template WT Tea Shop Templates $69
Water Responsive Website Template WT Water Templates $75
Honey Store Website Template WT Honey Store Templates $69
Confectionary Website Template ZEMEZ Bakery Templates $69
Tapas Bar Website Template WT Tapas Restaurant Templates $69
Genius Website Template WT Cafe and Restaurant Templates $69
Cocktail Bar Responsive Website Template WT Cocktail Bar Templates $69
What is a Food website template?

It is a set of files that contain the pre-made design and layout of the website. You can download it, customize a little to fit your brand and get a good-looking Food website in no time.

It is a set of files that contain the pre-made design and layout of the website. You can download it, customize a little to fit your brand and get a good-looking Food website in no time.

What is the best CMS for a food website?

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. However, HTML and Shopify sites could also fit your needs.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. However, HTML and Shopify sites could also fit your needs.

Why does my food business even need a website?

You don’t really need it if you have a little café for neighbors only. But we live in the digital era and if you want your brand to be visible and popular for a wider number of people – you need a Food website.

You don’t really need it if you have a little café for neighbors only. But we live in the digital era and if you want your brand to be visible and popular for a wider number of people – you need a Food website.

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