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Have you ever looked at the night sky and felt inspired by the stars? Star logo design offer a chance to capture that same sense of wonder in your brand design.

Star represents wonder, achievement, and adventure. Thus, using stars in your design can add a special touch to your logo. But why add them to your own brand?

Why Star Logo?

Some people think star logos are cheesy, but there’s no denying how impactful the simple five-pointed symbol can be. People always see stars as a symbol of inspiration, and stars embody the sky at night, the mystery of space, dreams, fame, and silence. 

And because stars are associated with dreams, aspirations, and achievements, they are seen as symbols of ambition, transformation, and success – perfect for any business aspiring to reach the top.

With a substantial global impact, this symbol, if used correctly, is powerful and gives a good impression to its market. 

Types of Star logos

From intricate and abstract art deco designs to simple, contemporary looks – these five options represent the diversity of star logos across many industries. Turn your eye towards the stars with one of these glowing stars adorning your brand!

Five-Pointed Star Logo

With its geometric shape and sharp points, a star logo conveys a sense of power and prominence that few other shapes can match. 

Even many nations widely use the five-pointed star with different cultures in the modern era. And even some feature a star design on the country’s flag itself.

If you are aiming to create a logo that can be universally recognized, you may incorporate the five-pointed star. It is a good starting point for brands that want a time-honored, classic feel.

Negative Space Star Logo

You may rely on something other than standard depictions of stars’ design. 

You can use alternative ways of portraying star imagery to make an exciting twist and for your logo design to stand out, such as using negative spaces. 

Negative space is a visual composition intentionally left empty of details to highlight focal points. This type of star logo can still have an aspirational effect on its market, which is a good choice for adding uniqueness to the overall look of your shining logo.

Anthropomorphic Star Logo

This type of star logo describes human attributes toward non-human elements. Since individuals automatically get emotional stability from objects similar to themselves, giving human features like emotion to a non-human item helps users to be comfortable with the deformable display.

Stars are scientifically proven hot, and you may want to evoke that feeling when you create a person or animal in a star symbol. If you do so, you will have a character that your consumers can quickly identify with.

Accent Star Logo

Stars are not only used as a center of attention but can also enhance the logo’s beauty. Using an accent star design, you’ll feature a brilliant, star-shaped accent in the center of the design, with intricate and textured detailing for an eye-catching effect. 

It also features gold stars layered over simple text in a contrasting color, creating an elegant but active image.

With a combination of modern typography and classic shapes, this layout gives the feeling of vibrancy without being too busy. 

Accent colors contrast or complement a room’s prominent colors. A monochrome design might use an accent color to highlight particular components. The style would feel very different if you played the proper ratio in each color.

Wordmark Stars Logo

Adding words to the star icon is the perfect choice for businesses that want to express dynamism and strength in their brand. 

It does more than make a statement, however; when designed correctly, a star wordmark logo can truly capture the spirit of a brand, which can be instrumental in driving customer loyalty and increasing customer engagement. 

With its vibrant feel, this type of design tends to draw attention and has been used by iconic companies like Pepsi and YouTube in their branding.

Famous Brands With Star Logos

Many businesses use stars as their logo. The star logo can stand out from competitors, given the product and the company’s appearance. Here are some famous brands that use stars as their logo.

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, coffee company that uses two five-pointed stars to separate the wordmark. It is one of the most well-known recognizable brands in the world due to the numerous chains of this company.

The green and white color palettes come to life through the star symbol. It aims to highlight the energy its coffee provides to customers to make their day productive!

An American company is known to make and sell movies like Top Gun, Titanic, and The Godfather. The predominant picture of the logo is a mountain with stars above it. 

A circle of twenty-four stars above the mountain represents the twenty-four actors that signed contracts with the film business in 1914. 

The original plan was to add a star to the logo every time a new cast member came on board.

However, because of the fast advancement of the film industry, Paramount Pictures was forced to abandon the concept.

The company’s famous circular medallion logo has twenty-one five-pointed stars. However, its logo is visually remarkable because of the mountain, not the stars.

JAC Motors Inc.

Chinese vehicle manufacturing with a star logo similar to the Chrysler badge. Yet, the JAC star is thin and sharp with an elegant modern design and a soft round outline. 

The bright red wordmark with modern smooth lettering and an open horizontal “A” bar goes along well with its light silver color scheme. 

The emblem was a five-pointed Star set in an oval frame. Traditional black and white with a red nameplate. Its solid visual identity reflected the company’s beginnings and heritage.

A Dutch beer company is famous in its country for being the top beer maker. During the 1880s, the Heineken logo was designed with a star being colored black and white. 

The beer’s logo demonstrates leadership, and the corporation outperforms its rivals. The Heineken logo emphasizes the richness and natural ingredients, making the liquid soft and tasty. The symbol changed from blue to red and white in 1930, and the star became completely red after the Soviet Union broke up.  

The company entered the new century with a simple symbol of “Heineken” and a crimson five-pointed star. 

Heineken’s worldwide success is mainly because of its recognized brand. The brewery started using green on the label in the 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1954 that it became Heineken Green, closer to the bottle glass. It’s as classic as Heineken’s red five-pointed star, and green represents calm, trust, and nature.

Mercedes Benz

A company that makes high-caliber vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses, Mercedes Benz is one of the most recognizable logos with a star. Its emblem uses a 3-point lead inside a circular frame with a 3D effect, making the logo design prestigious and expensive.

The three points of the Mercedes-Benz star represent the company’s desire to make motorization accessible to everybody, yet each point has significance. The points represent land, sea, and air, all areas Mercedes-Benz engines expected to govern one day.

The logo had a fascinating merging history of Benz and Daimler. The occasion was commemorated by placing the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star within a circle, creating the trademark logo that would become renowned around the globe. 

The resulting image was like a steering wheel that aimed to focus on automobile transport.  

The converse is a well-known brand of casual shoes that started in the United States. The company’s shoes and sunglasses are popular among many individuals, including celebrities.

Over a hundred of the company’s locations are in the United States, and thousands more across the globe. The Converse shoe company is one of the most well-known in history.

Since 1963, the logo has been simple and easy to recall. The new look from 2017 combines the logo from the 1970s with the wordmark from the 2010s. The Converse star with chevrons is back, but the famous font changed to make it look different.

The text is now a typeface with no serifs and all capital letters, like Typold Extended Black. There is enough space between the letters to make the whole thing feel light and fresh.

The Converse logo is strong and has stood the test of time because it is so important. It looks classy and bright on any background, whether it’s a printed ad, a fabric badge, or a one-color primary tag.

Energy Star

A US government program launched in the early ’90s to promote energy-efficient consumption, Energy Star now operates in North America and some Asian Countries. 

The company’s logo was very clever. The “Energy” word is italicized with a star image after, and an elegant arch then covers it. The logo was painted blue, making the overlook fresher and brighter.

Subaru was founded last July 1953, another automotive industry that used a six four-pointed stars emblem in an exciting composition. The stars used a gray gradient, while its background used blue. 

This emblem is in the form of an ellipse and can be distinguished easily from other logo designs. The stars represent the constellation sisters, with the 7th star invisible.

Shine like a star!

A star is a common element in logos across all sectors because of its universal appeal. They have been twinkling in the sky for centuries and continue to shine brightly today. For this reason, stars make great logo designs!

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Check it out today and discover how simple it is to make logos that stand out and are sure to attract customers.

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