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Are you wishing to craft a retro-style logo identity for your business or brand?

Retro style is a very popular trend, yet leaves so much room for creativity and personalization that it’s still unique looking and far from played out. And that’s why many entrepreneur or designer finds retro style as a good opportunity to implement into their business identity.

For this post, we have created a list of the best retro logo design templates as well as some perfect examples for your inspiration.

What are Retro logos?

When we speak about retro, It is imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past but faded through the passage of time.

Retro logos are a combination of rich colors and symmetrical or linear designs. Over the past few decades, we see poster design and advertising with retro style help to emerge this kind of style among people. Retro-futurism which joined sci-fi and retro additionally contributed intensely to the growth of the design category.

Getting the information about its history, the retro style has been out of the mainstream culture for a really long time. However, professional designers feel that since logos follow cycles, the latest trend of minimalism in logo designs could advance the importance of retro logo design soon.

Let’s go over the best retro logo design template out there right now and what makes them the best choice for you.

Best Retro Logo Design Templates

Below, we have a gathering of 30+ coolest retro logo design templates that helps you to craft an amazing business identity. The following logo templates come with a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors that can help you create a business identity with a strong appearance.

Every one of these retro-style logo patterns says something somewhat unique in regards to a brand, so it’s vital to get a feeling of what’s going on in this kind of logo fine art.

Retro Logo Designs

Vintage Car Retro Logo Template

This is our first resource of the best retro logo design templates that features a vintage car retro logo design.

The template consists of two unique variations of the logo and it is a 100% scalable vector. So, You will definitely craft a logo identity that fits any print size.

You will find this template very easy to use with its fully editable text and color options. Moreover, AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, and PSD file formats make you work with your preferred applications.

This template could be an ideal solution for crafting a garage logo identity, an automotive brand, car repair shop, and similar.

Craft an effective retro logo identity that makes your brand recognizable.

9 Stunning Retro Logo Set

Applying retro effects to your business identity can be beneficial things to bring a cool look to your logo design.

To craft this kind of logo, then opt for this logo set. The logo bundle consists of 9 unique logo designs with retro, vintage, and hipster effects.

It is extremely easy to customize and well-organized layers through Adobe illustrator. It comes with a quick photo replacement option.

Check out this amazing freebie today, and design your dreamed logo instantly!

Retro Logo Templates V.04

The looks of a business or brand logo are particularly important in getting an impressive client consideration. And here is a premium solution that comes with retro effects.

The logo set offers 6 unique logo designs with the finest details, all elements are clearly labeled in organized folders.

Moreover, the Hand-crafted effects of all the logos can give your brand a realistic touch. Also, Its fully scalable nature never fails in resolution quality.

Additionally, if you wish to improve the logo’s appearance you can freely be allowed to do it or use the default one.

You can consider this logo template for branding projects, apparel design, typography, corporate identity, packaging product design, and much more.

Use this logo set to design a stunning business identity for your next project.

Free Retro Vector Logos

Let your business or brand identity sparkle with this free vector logo template. This unique logo template offers a retro-style effect that enhances your logo appearance.

It comes with more than 9 different styles of logo that give you chance to pick your liked one.

For instant outcome, You just need to import the template in Adobe illustrator and replace the text with your brand name, and you are done with an amazing result.

You can use this template for hotel, restaurant, travel, or other business that needs retro touch to their logo identity.

Set of Retro Logo Templates

This is another visually impressive and effective retro-style logo templates ideal for apparel brand, corporate business, fashion, and more.

The template features more than five fully editable logo designs that provide an authentic look to your business identity.

For quick results, You can go with pre-defined templates or customize it according to your needs.

For your information, Each logo template has been crafted with the finest details and professional touch. Also, You will find all elements are clearly labeled in organized folders.

The template is also perfect for branding projects, typography work, packaging product design, and much more.

Create a business identity that put your brand or business on the top with this awesome logo template.

Retro Industrial Logo

Are you wishing to craft your next industrial logo design with retro touch? Then you should go with this retro industrial logo template.

The template includes 8 handcrafted logo or badge designs available in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats. So, You have different options to pick from.

You can consider this template for the manufacturing industry, demolition business, wood shop, and much more.

So, without wasting time go and grab this cool template to design your first logo.

Retro Logo Set

The retro effect is one of the most popular trends that you can use to design your business or brand’s logo. Here is a bundle of free logo templates with an effective retro feel.

The logo bundle offers more than 9 unique logo designs that can use for crafting a stunning logo with a retro look.

Whether you want to design a logo for a food & drink business, barber shop, a beer brand, photography studio, jewelry business, or any other reason. This template will never fail to achieve your goal.

Craft your next logo design with this freebie and make the difference.

Trendy Retro Logo

Here is a trendy, vintage and retro style logo design templates to craft a strong and appealing business identity. This template is very easy to edit and customize.

You will find more than 15 plus retro badges that can be utilized for logos, labels, badges, watermark and other identity, design proposals, marketing graphics, blog headers, and so much more.

This fully editable and scalable template set is available in AI and EPS file formats.

Introduce your business or brand logo identity in a memorable style, and spice things up with retro effects.

Startup Rocket Retro Logo

Are you looking for a retro logo design with a rocket? Then this rocket retro logo template could be the perfect pick for you.

The logo set comes with 4 designs and 3 variations in AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPG, and PSD file formats. So, along with more options and file formats, this logo template provides plenty of possibilities to craft an amazing logo.

Additionally, For your convenience, this template provides a rocket separately and 4 ribbons for a logo design.

You can take advantage of this logo template for any startup business that requires a rocket symbol.

Take off your business logo identity with this startup rocket retro logo template.

Car Garage Service Retro Logo

If you are searching for an effective retro-style logo template for your car or garage business, look no further than this car garage service retro logo template.

The template features a hand-drawn like car wheel logo design with beautiful retro effects to the text. Also, the Texts version includes retro colors and editable and outlined versions.

For your convenience, Designer offers this template in multi-file formats like Ai, Eps10, Layered PSD, SVG, PNG, and JPG.

You can also consider this logo template for car repair retro labels and insignia, workshops, classic car auctions, clubs, and tee shirts.

Grandstand your logo identity from others with this amazing retro logo template.

Anchor in hand Retro Logo

Let me introduce you my new Gym Retro Logo set. 9 New retro logos for all fans of really hard workouts. Logos are perfect for decorating a gym, printing on clothes and so on. As a bonus, I put texture to create a worn effect, if you want to apply them – you just need to copy them from worn texture file, put and subtract from main image.

12 Retro Logo Badges

22 Retro Vintage Minimal Logos

A set of 22 retro vintage minimal logos which can be used as your logos,labels,badges,watermark,insignia’s and other identity, branding materials, design proposal, marketing graphics,blog headers,and so much more. Use these logos as your latest project identity and graphics, each with its own style and feel, it’ll bring out strong branding presence and weathered impression of your brand and products. Features

Nerd Retro Robot Logo

A very simple, attractive and easy-to-remember logo design perfect for your simple and stylish brand. in mainfile included : vector .ai, .eps and readme file very easy to use just extract the zip file – open the EPS file with adobe illustrator- re-type with business name and DONE! with modern style and print-friendly image

Freshness Retro Logo

This Logo template suitable for businesses and product name, luxury industry like hotel, wedding, financial, salon and beauty product. The main idea is to show the way how the company stands out more than speak.

Retro Logos collection

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