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Bars and nightclubs: they’re fun, popular, and deserve cool bar logos to attract crowds! If you work in one, you know how important marketing is. 

But what if you don’t use design software and you need the best bar logo design for your business? Envato Elements is the best solution for you.

Brewery Brotherhood is one of the bar and lounge logo design ideas from Envato Elements.

Some of the best bar logo templates come from Envato Elements. The all-you-can-download service has logos for bars, pubs, and clubs that you can use for your next design project. They’re professionally designed and are all included as part of your subscription.

You can also use the Placeit logo maker to create a logo right in your browser. You don’t need any software installed. The logo maker is easy to use online. We’ll show you some of the top bar logo designs from Placeit, and we’ll cover how to use the Placeit logo maker.

20 Cool Bar Logo Templates From Envato Elements (2023)

Are you an experienced graphic or freelance designer? Do you use design software every day? Then Envato Elements is a great option for you. The subscription-based marketplace offers you unlimited logo templates, graphic templates, , and more. All for a low monthly fee.

Let’s review a hand-picked selection of logo templates from Envato Elements. These bar logo designs are available with your subscription.

1. Piano Bar Logo Template (AI, EPS)

For a touch of sophistication, have a look at this bar and lounge logo design. The minimalist logo features a wine glass filled to the brim with piano keys. Add a tagline if you’d like, and then add your brand name to the modern bar logo design.

2. Rose Glass Logo Template (AI, EPS)

This colorful rose logo is contemporary and appealing. The flower serves a dual purpose when you take a closer look: it’s both a rose and a wine glass. Its classy appearance can fit both the bar and nightclub logo design ideas you have.

3. Cantique Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Shhhh! Keep your voice down, and I’ll tell you all about Cantique, a great speakeasy bar logo design. This vector download features a character right from the pages of The Great Gatsby. Change the color, shape, and fonts to create the perfect bar and lounge logo.

4. Brewery: Wheat Beer Logo Template (AI, EPS, JPG)

This download does a great job of blending modern bar logo design ideas. The colors are on point, the graphics are minimalist, and the sans serif font ties it all together. Of course, this logo can be customized in Illustrator until it best suits your vision.

5. Qucing Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Qucing is one of the more intriguing night-club logos. The minimal outline could be featured on flyers, social media, and signage. Customize and color the vector logo if you wish in Illustrator.

6. Neon Abstract Chip Logo (AI, EPS, JPG, PNG)

There’s no denying this design has its roots in tech, but the simple neon colors allow it to double as a nightclub logo. It’s created in Illustrator and is completely scalable thanks to it being a vector. Adjust the colors and text, and you have one of the best nightclub logos.

7. Beat Logo Template (AI, EPS, JPG)

The colors of Beat make it one of the most appealing nightclub logos to try. It’s abstract in nature, so it could represent a music equalizer or just good vibes. If you’re not a fan of the colors in this design, you can always customize them in Illustrator.

8. Pub Brewery Logo Template (AI, EPS, PSD, PNG)

This is a pub logo that’s nice and hoppy. It leans heavily into one of the key ingredients of beer by having hops featured in the center. The gold and green color scheme unifies the modern bar logo’s design, which you can customize yourself. 

9. Brewing Logo Template (AI, EPS, PDF, JPG)

With so many new beer brands, beer logos are popular this year. This cool bar logo features a beer hop illustration and strong typography. If you need bar logo ideas, consider this one. The logo template is fully editable in Illustrator.

10. Wine Spot Bar Logo Design (AI, EPS)

Wine bars deserve nice bar logo designs. This bar logo is a clear indication you’ve arrived at the coolest wine bar in town. You can edit this 100% vector logo template in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

11. Eagle Beer Logo Design (AI, EPS, PNG, JPG)

Are you looking for modern beer bar logo ideas? This is a cool beer logo that will look great everywhere. The 100% vector logo template is fully editable and uses free fonts.

12. Vintage Beach Bar Logo Design (AI, EPS, PDF)

Beach bars are some of the coolest places to hang out. Reflect that with a matching beach bar logo design. This logo template features a vintage beach illustration. Edit it to your liking in Adobe Illustrator.

13. Deer Nightclub Logo Idea Template (AI, EPS, JPG)

Working on the newest nightclub logo ideas? This minimalist nightclub logo template will look fantastic. It comes with well-organized layers, and it’s fully editable in Illustrator.

14. Lobster Nightclub Logo Design Template (AI, EPS, PNG, JPG, PSD, SVG)

Here’s another animal-based nightclub logo design idea. The line-art lobster has everything you’d want out of a modern logo. Open the design in Illustrator or Photoshop and add your own flair. 

15. Aguila Loca: Bar and Lounge Logo Template (AI, EPS)

There’s nothing crazy about this modern bar logo design. Aguila Loca features a fun luchador character with an eagle on its mask. Use it for a pub logo, or try it out if you want a themed nightclub logo.

16. Love Magick Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Love Magick is a cool option if you want punk bar logo design ideas. It’s great for branding, so you’ll have no problem creating merch with this design on it. Give Love Magick a try if you want pub logos with a darker spin.

17. Skull Bar And Pub Logo (EPS)

Skulls don’t have to always look like doom and gloom. This modern bar logo’s design uses light-hearted ideas to create its skull bottle. With a color and black and white version, you’ll have no problem picking your poison.

18. Match Key Logo Template (AI, EPS)

This simple design is based on a clever play on words. Match Key can be used for a bar and lounge, or as a nightclub logo. The design’s simplicity is what gives it versatility. Customize it in Adobe Illustrator to really show off your bar or nightclub logo design ideas.

19. Beer Mug Pub Logo (AI, EPS, PNG, JPG)

This modern bar and pub logo’s design has a rockin’ look. The beer stein in the design is also the rock and roll hand sign, making it perfect for a bar with a music theme. The vector download can have the colors, text, or fonts of your choice. 

20. Viking Warrior Head Logo (AI, EPS, PNG, JPG)

Viking Warrior is a bar and lounge logo that features bold lines and simple design. It’s easy to reproduce and can be scaled to any size you want. Keep the classy gold color, or edit the download with your own bar logo design ideas.

Best Bar and Nightclub Logo Templates From Placeit (2023)

With Placeit, you can build an eye-catching bar logo that’s sure to draw in clients. You’ll outsource design to the experts and get back to serving your loyal customers!

The Placeit logo maker allows you to quickly create a bar logo right in your browser.

Use any of these bar and lounge logo templates on Placeit to start designing your own! Click on a template, add a few customizations, and download your finished logo.

1. Fresh Cocktail Bar Logo Template

Whether you’re in the city or at the beach, cocktail bars are the place to visit. Bring in new clients with this trendy bar logo design.

The cocktail bar logo template features a cool orange slice illustration framed on a square. The typography and colors put the bar logo design together. Remember, you can edit all the details in the Placeit logo maker.

2. Cocktail Bar Logo Generator

Sleek electric graphics make this nightclub logo a star in its own right. Polished and refined, it’s the perfect choice for a hip urban nightspot. If you need bar logo ideas, check out the cutting-edge fonts and striking contrast here.

3. Neon Sports Bar Logo Design

Pints and pool tables are hallmarks of the casual nightlife scene. Use them to help you create your next sports bar logo design. This one is bold, fun, and looks great when featured in neon lights.

4. Biker Bar Logo Generator With Skull Ace Clipart

Biker bars are a special niche, and yours deserves a winning nightclub logo template. Dive into this rich offering and explore logos themed around all things motorcycle. And then combine the icon with gritty script fonts to bring your brand to life.

5. Bar and Lounge Logo Maker

Bar logo design ideas often revolve around the specific type of nightspot you’re running. But that doesn’t mean individual templates can’t fit many purposes. Such is the case here; every design element is totally adjustable, with only the simple style remaining constant.

6. Night Club Logo Design Idea

For a compelling nightclub logo, it’s hard to top this custom design. No matter your audience or style, it’s meant to jazz up any establishment. Modern fonts combined with abstract graphics in this nightclub logo template will attract audiences in droves.

7. Logo Maker for a Fancy Night Club

Seeking to elevate your nightclub game? Start with this sleek nightclub logo, featuring all the best in modern typography and contemporary styling. Let your name speak for itself with this sophisticated nightclub logo template.

8. Pub Logo Maker With Medieval Shields Graphics

Convey an old-world feel with this clubby pub logo. Icon options include swords, crests, armor, and more. Combine those with a full suite of custom text overlays and easy-to-edit backgrounds.

9. Bar Logo Maker With a Circular Badge

Cool bar logos look great on pint glasses, signs, coasters, and more. Circular graphics, in particular, are a good fit. Use them to your advantage with this professional bar logo maker. Whatever you’re pouring, this template lets you present it in style.

10. Bar Logo Maker for a Mexican Bar

If tequila is the name of your game, bring it front and center with this bar logo. Using a bar logo maker like this takes the guesswork out of building amazing branding. All you need is a name—the template will do all the hard work.

5 Quick Tips to Create a Cool Bar Logo (With an Online Maker)

We’ve looked at 20 compelling bar and night-club logo design ideas from Placeit. Now, it’s time to learn how to use them, right inside your web browser.

1. Select a Template That Fits Your Brand

Let’s try out option #9 from above, the Bar Logo Maker With a Circular Badge. When you click on the link, Placeit will take you to the online editing suite. Options are arrayed in menus on each side, and in the center, you’ll see a big preview.

Select Bar Logo from PlaceitSelect Bar Logo from PlaceitSelect Bar Logo from Placeit

2. Add Your Name and Slogan

Right from the start, you should make the bar logo template your own. Start by adding your name and slogan. To do this, simply type over the text placeholders on the left side of the screen. You can also change the fonts and colors by using the drop-down arrows.

Add name and Slogan PlaceitAdd name and Slogan PlaceitAdd name and Slogan Placeit

3. Change the Badges and Icons

Each Placeit template is different, but all offer customization options for icons or badges. In this case, we can swap out both the center logo and the circular graphics. To do this, simply scroll through the content options on the right, and click on the thumbnails to select new ones.

Change badges and iconsChange badges and iconsChange badges and icons

4. Add Your Own Background

Changing the background color is a quick and easy way to mix up the entire look of your logo. To change it, click on the Background drop-down in the upper right. You can select a new color from the chooser or click to dial in custom options. It’s a must-do in your creative process.

Add logo backgroundAdd logo backgroundAdd logo background

5. Download and Use the Logo Anywhere

The best thing about Placeit is the flexibility it offers. You build your logo online, and then simply download a finished image file. To do this, click Download at the top of your screen. Follow the prompts, and in seconds you’ll have your new logo ready to roll out.

Download the finished logoDownload the finished logoDownload the finished logo

Build Better Bar Logos With Top Design Tips

Once you’ve given your bar or nightclub a name, it’s time to build a perfect custom logo. A few key features like these will help your bar logo stand out:

  • Bold colors. You might be competing on a crowded street. Bright colors get you noticed.
  • Catchy names. The best pub logos deserve catchy and memorable names to go with them.
  • Fun fonts. Names and icons aren’t enough. You’ll need quirky scripts that bring the text to life.

Thanks to custom bar logo inspirations from Placeit, you can create amazing logos in just a few clicks. All you’ve got to do is select a stunning night-club logo template, drop in your content, and download the finished product.

We’ve covered some cool bar logo ideas from Envato Elements and from Placeit logo maker. If you need even more logo design inspiration, we’ve got these resources for you:

Create Your Bar & Night Club Logo Today

Turn to Envato for all your nightclub logo inspiration. Envato Elements unlocks more robust editing power, thanks to amazing custom logo templates that work with your preferred editing software. Placeit enables the creation of stunning bar logos, right inside your web browser.

Whichever option you ultimately choose, you can be assured of bold style and winning value. The choices are yours, and your future lies wherever your imagination takes you. Get started building your bar logo now!

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