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Your official logo is often the first thing guests see when interacting with your restaurant in person and online. When a guest visits your website, social media, or review pages, a sloppy logo might give the wrong impression about the quality of your service. A crisp logo could do the opposite, leaving a good first impression for hesitant diners looking at a new spot.

But what if you don’t want to spend your valuable money on a logo from a big-shot design agency? Thankfully with today’s technology at your fingertips, creating a killer logo is easier than cooking up a three-course meal. In the blog below, we’ll list some amazing restaurant logo design tips and tools to help you craft an unforgettable logo and restaurant experience.

Your logo should be simple, memorable, and easy to recognize. Think about the big brands out there—Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola. What do they all have in common? The shape of their logos are simple, yet iconic. You want your logo to represent your brand while still staying true to your values as a restaurant. So feel free to take out a piece of paper, jot some ideas down as a start. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your branding. A logo can be as simple as your restaurant name in a font suited to your personality. You can even add in an object from your business, like a beer mug or a microphone, or an animal, like an owl or chicken. These will let guests have a more concrete image in their mind whenever they remember your restaurant.

Logos aren’t only about shape and geometry, so don’t be afraid to play around with color as well. You can use colors to convey a certain feeling, which could play to your restaurant’s benefit. For example, bright red is often associated with excitement and energy, while green gives off a tranquil feeling. The last thing you’d want to see is someone complaining about your restaurant’s  vibe in a Yelp review.

3 simple logo design websites

The internet provides an ocean of resources you can use to create a custom restaurant logo. But we’ve distilled it down to the three amazing logo design resources that prioritize ease-of-use over knowledge. That means you don’t need any graphic design experience to make your logo. Many of these tools even include a comprehensive database, where you can find complimentary tips and tutorials to help you make your logo without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Optimize your logo for your website and social media

Your logo can be a strong tool to easily attract new guests through your social media and website, all while communicating your restaurant’s values and services. Afterall, you wouldn’t want guests thinking you sell pizza when you only brew coffee. On top of the crisp logo for your social media, SpotOn Marketing can also help bring more guests thanks to its automated tools for email marketing, Facebook campaigns, and more.

To optimize your logo for your social media, make sure to use the preview function available on most social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have the option to let you preview your logo before asking you to publish. The same options are usually available for your website, as well as your Yelp and Google business page. Just remember to first claim your business page on review sites. That’ll help you control how guests interact with your business, alongside giving you more flexibility to manage good and bad reviews.

You might need to create different versions of your logo for the different platforms. While most logo design sites let you download the different formats at the press of a button, here’s a list of the standard specs for each social media platform.

With SpotOn’s seamless point-of-sale system, you can make your restaurant look as professional as possible without needing to break the bank. Alongside our software solutions and your creativity, you can get the outreach you want to your guests in a few easy steps.

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