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Today, all smart devices are connected to the Internet. Using programming languages, applications are created for connecting to the network for remote control of various devices: household appliances, cars, wristwatches, alarms, surgical bots, etc. This solution makes the Internet of Things (IoT) an innovative and popular direction to study.

Why to create IoT Projects?

To start a career as a software developer, you should not only learn theory but also use your skills in practice. For this, beginners need to create their projects, and the more experiments there are, the more knowledge will be formed.

IoT is the concept of connecting various devices or to the external environment via the Internet, allowing them to be controlled from anywhere in the world. In addition to common household appliances, complex industrial objects and systems can be connected. By 2025 the number of IoT devices could grow to 22 billion.

The IoT solutions combine mobile and cloud technologies, as well as big data, analytics, and computing technologies for data collection. Moreover, for all these manipulations, minimal human intervention is required. To launch an IoT app a development team should cover requirements engineering, IoT architecture design, IoT platform and user apps development, testing, support, and more.

Let’s take a look at 11 IoT project ideas that everyone, even beginners, should try. They are ideal helpers for developing the practical skills required for the job.

№1. Led Blinking Project

Led Blinking is a basic Python-based project that aims to improve visuals by automatically playing a series of LED lights. Ideal for beginners.

№ 2. Weather reporting system

One of the best IoT ideas has been a weather messaging system. It has built-in temperature, humidity, and rain sensors, programmed to track weather conditions and provide detailed reports in real-time.

The system is fully automated, it sends data using a microcontroller to the server. For this, only a Wi-Fi connection is sufficient. You can also customize the IoT project by yourself, for example, set thresholds and notifications with warnings about their exceeding.

№3. Engine speed control

The idea is to be able to control the speed and direction of a DC motor using a Raspberry Pi. It also allows you to adjust the fan speed based on weather conditions.

№4. Flood detection system

Flooding is a real natural disaster for many countries around the world, destroying agriculture, crops, buildings and killing people. The ability to detect and prevent a catastrophe timely is extremely important for humanity as a whole.

The IoT system monitors and monitors various natural factors (water level, temperature, humidity, etc.), which makes it possible to detect the risk of flooding in time. The project provides for response sensors: digital to control temperature and humidity, as well as a float that measures the water level.

№5. Raspberry Pi Drone

Today, drones are ubiquitous and perform a different variety of tasks from filming a video to carrying small bags of groceries. Raspberry Pi and Python make them more efficient.

№ 6. Smart garage doors

With the help of the IoT system, garage doors can be controlled, which eliminates the need to wear additional key fobs. To do this, it is enough to integrate the mobile device into the system and open/close the gate, you need to press just a couple of buttons on the smartphone.

In addition, it has laser and voice commands, as well as smart notifications for monitoring. This will allow you to create your commands in Google Assistant, and, for example, set the time for automatic opening/closing of the gate.

№7. Soil moisture detection

To automate the soil irrigation system, a project was created using Python. For example, using moisture sensors that determine its level, you can set the options for automatic irrigation.

№8. Smart alarm clock

The smart alarm system is not a simple device that wakes up in the morning, several functions and tasks are implemented in it:

You can wake up the device in one of three ways, playing mp3 files, music from radio stations, or news stream podcasts.

№9. Smart farming system

With the help of the smart agriculture system, many basic tasks can be simplified, human resources and time can be saved. For example, set up an automatic system for fertilizing plants or treating them with pesticides using a smartphone.

№10. Smart energy grid

The power grid in many countries is not optimized, which leads to constant interruptions and massive blackouts. The smart energy grid is one of the best and most essential projects in the IoT world.

The ATmega family controller can be used to monitor and control the system. All you need to do is connect to Wi-Fi and go to the IoTGecko web page. The goal of the project is to facilitate reconnection after the interruption of network contacts. That is, after shutdown, the system switches to another line and ensures uninterrupted operation. A registered user can log into IoTGecko and see which grids are active and which are not. You can also monitor the amount of electricity consumed and possible leaks.

№11. Use voice search to promote

The number of queries that users make by voice is growing. It is necessary to optimize the content for this parameter. It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of which voice queries are being used. Try creating request-response pairs. Simple dialogue questions need to be supplemented with full-fledged answers, which are introduced into the main content of the site.

№12. SERP helps in the development

The use of internet-controlled devices reduces the need to visit sites. The devices will themselves find information on the necessary sites and, ready-made will provide it to users through their interface. Therefore, it is important to optimize sites not for visits, but for Google Featured Snippets.

№13. Search Trends Driven by the Internet of Things

It is extremely important to understand that the behavior and search algorithm for users and devices with an Internet connection is significantly different. It is not necessary to rebuild sites for IoT right now, but it is imperative to debug trends in this area. This is especially true of those companies whose target audience is represented by advanced network users.

№14. Personalization is the right and shortcut to success

The Internet is becoming more personalized every year. Focusing on the use of narrow data for specific users is the new era of SEO. New tools and platforms are constantly emerging that collect this data, and the CEO must be able to use it in his work.

№15. Online and offline data usage

Correlation of online and offline data is the future of search. Today, the analysis is carried out solely on the behavior of users on the network. The use of IoT devices makes it possible to collect an array of online behavior. Synthesis of such information provides a complete picture for content analysis and optimization.

№16. Intelligent Traffic Management System

Due to a large number of cars and the growth of traffic, the intelligent traffic management system has become very relevant and in demand. Not only is it customizable, but it also offers ambulances and fire trucks free paths to get through.

In addition, the system can calculate traffic offenders both during the day and at night.

IoT technologies are the ideal conduits between the physical and digital worlds that are so needed right now. We’ve looked at a few ideas to help aspiring and professional developers gain irreplaceable IoT experience.

In the near future, even more, interesting and innovative projects will appear with IoT solutions, which will become an integral part of our daily life. Perhaps you will become their creator!

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