Logos give your brand a face. A symbol that represents who you are as a business and why you exist for your market.

Allow us to help you create the perfect logo. We want to share our logo ideas and templates to aid you in your branding endeavor.

Follow our list below, get inspiration, and use our online logo maker for your designing needs.

Basics of Logo Design

Before suggesting logo designs for your business, we need to discuss the fundamentals. The parts of a logo are:

Make sure that your logo has all these elements and you frame them in a way that’s legible and quaintly yours. We don’t want you to get charged with logo plagiarism or trademark violation so do your research.

Let’s get into the designs so you have a better idea of making your logo.

Logo Design Ideas

Below are our top picks for every niche. You can put your logo on business cards, letterheads, email signatures, social media posts, etc. anything that helps your brand identity.

For these types of designs, you want to show people your experience in delivering goods and services. Aside from that, you want to exude authority and credibility. You’d probably use an emblem logo for this, but other types are great.

Check out the trucking logo designs below for better visualization:

Since your focus is bettering your clients’ space, your logo needs structure, literally. Your logo would look like a house or anything to do with rooms. Some suggested elements are lines that utilize white space to show an outline of the kind of interior design one does.

Get ideas from the fantastic interior logo designs below:

Get your merchandise game on with your t-shirt design business. Get a logo that expresses your creativity and skill set as a designer. A variety of mascots, wordmarks, and abstract logos are great for this kind of industry.

With restrictions slowly lifted, sometimes people don’t have time to clean their houses or offices because we fill up our time with many other activities. Que in the cleaning crew as they rigorously make your space squeaky clean. Pictorial marks are the way o go for this one, but you can still use other designs.

If you’re a writer and want to do it full-time without being associated with a company or just want to go freelance, you need a logo to pair your writing skills. Any type of logo will do as long as you incorporate a pen, feather pen, or any stationery item to your logo.

Check out your new blogging logo below:

Since the pandemic, there has been a surge in pet adoption. In the year 2020 alone increase of up to 58.36% increase for pet adoption. And when it comes to pets, we want them prim and proper.

Be the best pet grooming business you can be with an animal or pet logo. It could be pictorial, negative space, or even a wordmark or mascot. Take your pick from the pet grooming logos below:

Restrictions are almost all down, and everyone is slowly assimilating into face-to-face or hybrid setups in general. As parents, we need to keep our kids entertained and nurtured. What better than to start at a young age. Start a daycare business and take care of cutie babies for you and other parents.

Your design would most likely have a child or something to do with ones like a bottle or a rattle to show that you cater to babies and toddlers. Take a look at the daycare logos below:

The food delivery industry costs around $151 billion now. It’s a pretty profitable business now since the pandemic started. You’ll need a unique logo aside from the typical motorcyclist guy as your icon.

A wordmark will surely make you famous, and it’s easy to remember. However, you could use pictorial marks and have like negative space or just a unique color scheme that has color psychology incorporated into it.

Check out your food delivery logo below:

You can show how inventive you are as a business for any niche and industry. Check out the creative logo designs below for inspiration:

Add the classics and trending elements for logo design, and voila! Modern design comes into existence. You could use bold lines with gradients or abstract shapes paired with solid backgrounds.

Either way, check out the modern logo designs below:

You can never go wrong with less is more. Having a logo with colored borders could be an effective business logo design. Check out the simple logo design ideas below:

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just wow your market with your logo. It needs to inspire something in them to do an action, like buy a meal from you or do exercise. A great way to present this is through pictorial marks, anaglyph logos, or abstract logos.

But either way, check out the inspiration and motivational logo designs below:

Choose Your Top Pick for Logo Design

And there you have it! Our complete list of logo designs curated just for you. From industries-specific logos to design-specific ones, we have what you need.

The key takeaways from this blog are:

Get ideas from our list and design a successful brand identity for your business!

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