The back-and-forth of design innovation and mainstream attention makes logo trends an ever changing landscape. 2020 may not have been the best of years for many of us thanks to the economic crisis and global pandemic, but it has certainly spurred some creativity in the design scene. These are ten stunning logo design trends for 2021.

1) Dynamic Images

Whilst gifs and moving images are now a well-known part of our digital correspondence, logo designers know that movement can be created in just a few brushstrokes and are increasingly introducing a sense of dynamism and motion into logos. These stand out immediately to customers as brands that are at the forefront of the industry they are placed in.

2) Geometric Shapes

“As the growth of apps has led logo design to be influenced by whatever fonts into an icon, the simplicity of geometric shapes has grown in appeal and designers are commonly employing triangles, squares, circles or a combination of these in logos in 2021,” says Carl Howland, a business writer at Britstudent and Nextcoursework. “By showing restraint in the use of shape, bright colors which grab users’ attention can be used.”

3) Perspective Play

Traditional logo design has drawn on simplicity and minimalism to create logos that are memorable and easily recreated. In 2021, designers are going to be turning this idea on its head, creating two dimensional drawings to which there’s more than meets the eye. By playing with perspective, logo designers are hinting at depth which customers will surely be drawn to.

4) Creative Typography

Whenever designers are incorporating brand names into their logos, we’re going to see them applying a little more creativity to their typography, shying away from uniformity and towards divergent letters. Whether this means converting a single letter into a representative image or simply mixing and matching fonts within a word, designers are letting themselves be playful with their script.

5) Pleasing Portraits

In a selfie-obsessed world it was only a matter of time before portraiture snuck into logo design – and why not? People are naturally drawn to faces and by implanting portraits in logos brands make an immediate connection with consumers. Simple illustrations of all styles are representing either brand owners or mascots to provide a personal touch.

6) Simple Symmetry

“Symmetry is incredibly satisfying to see and more designers are drawing on the appeal to balance that symmetry makes in their logo design,” says Jose Donohue, a design expert at 1Day2Write and Write My X. “Symmetry allows logos to make sense even when they contain a complexity of shapes and lines and indicate strength and stability to customers.”

7) Retro Styles

The cyclical nature of design trends makes it inevitable that retro styles will have a comeback at some point and in 2021 we can expect to see old design styles reappearing. This will take its form both in the colors used by designers as well as shapes and typography. Expect bold fonts and muted colors in future designs.

8) Memorable Characters

Whilst some logoists are tending towards humanistic portraits in their design, another trend for 2021 is leaning in to offbeat kookiness and coming up with memorable characters at the heart of logos. Everyone from brewers to jewellers are giving themselves a strong identity with the introduction of a colorful character in their logo.

9) Traditional Symbolism

Logos are signs that tell consumers, in just a glance, the fundamentals of a brand. So it makes sense that designers are drawing on the traditional symbols we’re familiar with from history to give their creations a feeling of familiarity and understanding. Eyes and birds are the motifs increasingly appearing in logo design thanks to the impression of trust and security they provide.

10) Stained Glass

Stained glass may be more commonly found glistening in the windows of the grandest cathedrals of Europe but in 2021 we’re going to see more designers taking their cue from the medieval world and will introduce stained glass concepts into their designs. Splintering images into blocks of bright, contrasting colors injects the abstract into the everyday and makes for eye-catching logos that draw the eye.

Signing Off

In the creative land of logos; designers are always innovating, looking to the past and future for inspirational ideas. If 2020 hasn’t given you enough reasons to look forward to 2021, these are some of the biggest trends hitting logo design in the next year.

George J. Newton is a design writer at Assignment Writing Services and Thesis Writing Service. He is the proud father of two teenage boys and loves football and DIY on the weekends. He also writes for Essay Help.

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