Wolfpack Cookie Jar

Business Description

I would like to take the wolf head from the attached logo and make it look like it’s eating out of a cookie jar. You can use the words “Wolfpack Endurance” also from the attached logo somewhere on the cookie jar. It should however be obvious that it is a cookie jar.

I would like the letters “MBM” hidden somewhere in the logo so only I would know it’s there.

This logo idea is inspired by a David Goggins motivational speech called “the cookie jar”. The concept is when things get hard/tough in life or during a race you reach into the “cookie jar” to remind yourself of everything you have been through or something that motivates you to get through whatever you are going through.

WolfPack Endurance is triathlon and endurance racing team I started about a year ago.

Color preference

I would like the font to be similar to the ones already on the attached logo. Feel free to use these colors or mess around with the colors. Feel free to use some of your own creative elements to make sure we reach all the goals in the brief.

Additional Design Inspirations

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