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Logos are used by brands to create an identity. Often, they’re the first encounters people have with a business, so they must make an impression and set the right tone. In this article we discuss Why Good Copywriting Is Necessary in Logo Design.

Graphic designers employ their creativity and innovation in designing logos, blending colours, shapes, and designs, to ensure the finished product is representative of the client.

However, an impactful logo is more than colour and design; it should also incorporate copy. 

From special messages to slogans, good copywriting is required in logos to communicate an impactful marketing message, using minimal words for maximum impact. 

Below are some of the reasons why good copywriting is necessary in logo design:

Communicates The Brand Tone

All branding should endeavour to represent a business’s tone, and logos are no exception. In fact, effective communication is crucial in logo design, as it ensures the public understands the business and what it does.

This is particularly pertinent for new businesses, who don’t yet have an established customer base.

Skilled copywriters can devise copy that compliments a logo’s design, ensuring the messaging is consistent with the desired brand tone. 

Without due consideration to consistency, logos can give out mixed signals, confusing potential customers, and turning them towards brands they’re familiar with. 

When a company is re-branding, copywriting is crucial in maintaining their familiar voice and tone—deviating too far from the original branding could result in lost business.

Ultimately, good copywriters understand audience expectations, and are able to incorporate accurate messaging into logos.

Adds Value To Logo Designs

Great marketing copywriters use words economically and powerfully. Even though there are typically only a few words in logos, they’re crucial in complementing the visual aspects and ensuring the overall design is memorable to potential customers.

If a logo contains unnecessary words or awkward phrasing, it’s unlikely to resonate with audiences. Text must complement the logo, not obstruct it, in order to be effective.

Thus, copywriting can add value to logo designs for all businesses, new and existing.

Rather than outsourcing the copywriting aspect of logo designs, improve your copywriting skills by trying these 21 copywriting exercises and have a go at writing some options yourself.

With regular practice, your skills will rapidly improve, 

Can Include A Slogan

In addition to a recognisable symbol in their logo, many brands have catchy taglines that compliment them.

Popular athletic brand Nike is well-known for its slogan ‘Just Do It’, while Subway has used ‘Eat Fresh’ for decades.

Such taglines are memorable to consumers and make the brand recognisable.

When a well-written slogan becomes synonymous with a brand, people recognise it out of context, away from the logo; thus, it has marketing benefits beyond its visual design. 

Consider hiring a writer skilled in succinct marketing copy to craft a slogan for your brand. If you’re starting a new business, this is a great way to build brand messaging into your marketing and leave a lasting impression.

If you’re involved in an established company, a new slogan can attract renewed interest and be great publicity. 

Utilises A Copywriter’s Skills And Experience

Experienced copywriters will have worked with countless companies and brands, giving them practical knowledge across many different industries.

Not only will this experience benefit them in the ease with which they can create logos, but it’ll ensure your finished product is impactful, memorable, and accurately reflects your business. 

Below are some key skills that copywriters can bring to your logo design:

Ultimately, any words used in conjunction with logos should be geared to bring more recognition and sales to the brand. A copywriter’s skill can improve the ability of a logo to warm leads or convert prospects into sales.

For example, logos with poorly written copies may alienate potential customers if they’re confusing, misleading or have no apparent relevance to your business. Experienced copywriters will know to avoid negative language, and ensure the words chosen for your final logo design convey positive messaging.

The wording on the logo is as impactful as the design itself. Therefore, businesses should liaise with good copywriters or upskill themselves, in order to create accompanying text that conveys a strong message and aligns with your brand.

Inaccurate and clumsy wording won’t properly communicate your brand tone, and may cause confusion among potential customers. For new businesses, this is crucial, as a logo helps to establish brand identity. 

By tapping into the experience and knowledge of copywriters, you’ll end up with a logo that’s memorable and effective. 

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