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What is FreeLogoDesign?

FreeLogoDesign is a logo maker created by NovAxis Solutions. We are a company specializing in SaaS products and our offices are located in beautiful Quebec City, Canada. Our logo maker was launched in 2015. Since then, more than two million logos have been created thanks to our tool and its many templates. We have more than 2000! From the beginning, we wanted to create a logo maker that was easy to use and accessible. That’s why we offer the option of creating a free logo, while offering various packages to meet different business needs.

In 2021, we launched a new version of FreeLogoDesign, more complete and optimized. First, we added the possibility of creating an account where you can save your creations. Then, new features emerged. In the months that followed, we added various add-on options such as a business card maker, email signature maker, brand guide, invoice templates, etc. More recently, our customers can use our partner Zazzle to order promotional items with their logo on them. Other improvements will also be made in 2023.

Who is behind FreeLogoDesign?

Now, let us introduce you to our team members. These people work every day to keep your logo-making-experience as enjoyable as possible.

Our technical team

FreeLogoDesign would not be the logo maker it is without a dedicated technical team. It is thanks to their ingenuity that we were able to create an easy-to-use and functional logo maker.

Among our committed developers, we have Samuel and René who every week work to improve our tool. Victor, our technical director also supervises everything and analyzes the feasibility of various projects. As a front-end developer, Kim makes the visuals possible, which are created by our graphics team.

Our design team

For FreeLogoDesign to have the success we know today, it is also thanks to our team of graphic designers. One of the great strengths of our logo maker is its large number of templates. We have several types of logo templates, whether for a construction company, an online store or even a restaurant. 

Currently, Laurie, Melissa and Simon make up our design team. They are all graphic designers with a lot of experience, especially in creating logos. Every month, they add several templates to our catalog. Our designers also take charge of our requests for custom logos

Our Marketing Team

Now let’s move on to our marketing team. Supervised by our director Matthieu, our marketing team is made up of Ariane and Emma who take care of the promotion of FreeLogoDesign. First, you should know that our logo maker has a presence on social media that must be nurtured. FreeLogoDesign is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

As well, this team takes care of promotions, advertising, newsletters, and the content found on our website. If you need a hand, you will find dozens of articles on logo creation on our blog. We also accept guest articles from time to time.

Our Customer Service Team

Finally, we cannot ignore the important work that our customer service team does. Whether you have a question about the creation of your logo or its use, you can contact our agents via chat or email. They are here to help you. Every day, we answer several questions from our customers in several languages.

Silvia, Daphnée and Patrick accompany you throughout the creative process, they know FreelogoDesign like the back of their hand. Note that Patrick is also our quality assurance specialist.

How to contact FreeLogoDesign?

If you need to contact the FreeLogoDesign team, there are different ways to do it. If you have a question and wish to contact our customer service team, you can find our contact information on our Contact page. A help site is also available where you will find frequently asked questions about FreeLogoDesign and logo creation with our logo maker. Please note that you can contact our technical team by email or chat. We do not offer telephone support.

If you want to contact our marketing team or become a FreeLogoDesign partner, you can fill out the form on our Partners page. We will be happy to consider your request.

In short, FreeLogoDesign is possible thanks to the involvement and work of our valuable collaborators. Whether it’s our graphic designers who create interesting visual content, our developers who make sure to offer a quality tool or our customer service agents, everyone pitches in to help you create a logo easily and quickly.

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