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How to Run a Logo Design Contest

Typically the advent of the Internet has made the idea much more affordable and easy for businesses to order a specialist-looking logo design. From canned templates and DIY computer software through to custom logo design bundles the options are numerous.

Around ’08, logo design contests started to become famous and their popularity has ongoing to rise through to the present day. Creative logo contests have many advantages covering the other, more traditional options. Typically the sheer number of designers rivaling some of the larger sites signifies that you get a vast array of concepts available. The crowd-sourcing model signifies that you get to tap into a global marketplace of designers rather than depending upon just a few to work on your venture.

Not every logo design contest computes well though and some sweepstakes holders fail in getting the ideal design. However, there are many steps you can take to increase your chances of having a productive contest.

In this article, we have defined some logo design contest guidelines. These tips cover what you need to know in relation to choosing a site to number your contest and actually working the contest. If you know tips on how to run a logo design contest the appropriate way then you are more likely to end up with your own personal dream logo.

Read Directions Carefully

There are now many websites within this niche nowadays although they are mostly similar there are several that vary in terms of exactly how contests are held. Before you decide to order you should read up on what sort of site works and check out their own FAQ (frequently asked questions) if they have one.

A few of the older, more established sites possess by now grown into flourishing, active marketplaces. Some right now boast pools of creative designers comprised of over 100, 000 people. If you go with a few of the ‘copycat’ players that have jumped up more recently then you may discover that their sites are not therefore active. A lot of good developers are active on the top 3 or 4 sites but don’t make use of the numerous other smaller websites. The top logo contest websites usually let you know how many creative designers they have in their pool therefore look for this information on their homepage.

Higher Prizes = Much more Entries

As a contest owner, it is up to you to decide on how much cash you want to put up as a reward. Many sites set a minimum reward amount that is usually a couple of hundred dollars for any logo design. However, if you are in a position to put up a prize that is higher than the minimum your contest will attract more interest. With a generous prize volume, you will very likely receive posts from more designers and they’re going to put more time into their layout concepts.

Guarantee Your Sweepstakes

Most of the top logo design sweepstakes sites give you the option of placing a prize ‘guarantee’ on your sweepstakes. When designers see this kind they know that your contest carries a guaranteed prize and that you will never refund. If you want to keep your to certainly refund open you will not be able to ‘guarantee’ your sweepstakes. Designers may therefore offer your contest or placed less effort into their marketing knowing that there is not a confirmed prize.

Refunds and Guidelines

Before ordering you should review a website’s Terms along with Conditions carefully so that you recognize where you stand if you need a money-back guarantee. Some will basically supply you with a full refund if you haven’t ‘guaranteed’ your contest. Some others have numerous conditions placed on their refund policies and they’re going to deduct various fees in the total refund amount.

Make a Clear Brief

Designers may well be more attracted to a project that has an obvious, well-written brief. If makers understand a little about your business and what you would like in a logo design then they are able to come up with relevant concepts for yourself. Provide details and personal references to other logo designs exactly where possible. You should also let them know the method that which you plan to use the logo.

Open public or Private Contest?

A number of designers like the idea of an individual contest as they can publish their designs without having some other designers see them as well as possibly steal ideas from them. However, there are big benefits to having a public competition. It will make it easier for individuals to find it via search engines like google and thus give you more contact with designers. Plus, if any kind of designer has submitted ripped work then other creative designers may respond by revealing them to the site owners.

Look for The Good Designers

While some name contests request that the posted designs are closed in order for public view, there is usually a lot that will allow the work to become open for view. This provides you a great opportunity to go over some other logo design competitions becoming hosted by the same website as yours. You can then search for other designers that have carried out work that you like and put within a request that they also publish an entry into your competition.

Most crowd-sourcing sites tend to be fairly crowded out although you will naturally get some interest there may be many designers who overlook your project. Those that really need to get the best value out of some sort of logo contest can examine promoting it in order to entice more designers. Many emblem contest sites can offer anyone upgrades that give your sweepstakes extra exposure on their website. If you are fairly active online then you may also be able to encourage your contest on various other websites, forums, or sites where design professionals obtain.

Contest Duration

If you are not doing work towards a deadline then you might as well go for the longest sweepstakes duration possible. This will present designers with time to find building your project and collaborate with you while they perfect their concepts.

Placed Time Into Feedback

The full process of running a logo sweepstakes usually takes around three months and you should be prepared to put in a little while as you follow contest trends. Most logo contest internet sites have a system whereby you may rate the concepts that were submitted and request changes. Speak clearly with the designers to be able to make revisions that are towards your tastes. Read also: Natural SEO Tactics – The Ultimate Way To Build Backlinks And Site Visitors

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