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Schema markup is a new, lesser-known SEO strategy. While underutilized, it is one of the most impactful implementations you can make for your website. To put it simply, it is a code that assists search engines in displaying relevant information. You can appear the way you want when people search online.

Going Schema 

Also known as structured data, the schema markup provides many benefits that businesses aren’t aware of. Here are some you may consider: 

Appear at the Top of Specific Searches 

You can use schema to make yourself visible to the right people. For example, you are currently looking for applicants for a new job opening. You use structured data, and Google recognizes your information as relevant to job searchers. You are then displayed one of the top results for job seekers. 

Provide Search Engines with a Clearer Picture 

Even with machine learning and algorithm upgrades, search engines try to second guess most details on your website. In the older SEO style, the algorithm analyzed visitor behavior to try and get a clearer picture. With schema, you can tell the engine exactly what information is on your website. 

You can do this for videos, job posting, schedules, the options are vast. By feeding the search engines the information you want to display, you come out on top of those who don’t apply schema. 

Appear on Searches with Rich Results 

Rich results are more than just simple text on Google’s search page. You’ll appear there with various other beneficial information like ratings and images. You can display products on sale, appear on the carousel for articles, showcase reviews, and more. Google has over 30 types of rich results you can take advantage of. 

Take Advantage of Google’s Specialized Tools 

There are several tools available on Google that can provide you analytics based on your schema markup. These include: 

search results imageAppear on the Knowledge Graph 

Google’s Knowledge Graph is the box on the right side of the search results. For mobile users, it appears as the first result before anything else. You can display important information about your business from reviews, social media, phone numbers, and more. With schema, you have a higher chance of appearing in the graph during searches. 

Make Your Website Future Proof 

Schema Markup is the future and those who fail to implement it will be left behind. Google is prioritizing websites that use schema over those that don’t, giving you a clear edge in the current digital environment. 

Schema Markup is Your Path Forward 

If you’re looking to level up your online marketing and stand out from your competitors, schema is the way to go. However, you may not have the knowledge and tools to take full advantage of it right now. Connection Model specializes in improving your digital presence with the use of Schema Markup. 

We also offer comprehensive packages which build your brand, advertising, and website design. Contact us today and start your journey towards improving your SEO. 

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