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Whether your website sells a product or offers information, the design really shapes how users perceive your brand. Strengthening user trust increases your hits, social media shares, and eventually your sales. So, how do you create a website and establish credibility without meeting your audience face to face?

Security accreditations

Payment and personal data security are features that online buyers prioritize. Obtain security badges to assure users that their data is secure when they transact with you. The most common type of security badge is an SSL certificate that indicates any payment information they transmit is encrypted.

Reviews and testimonials

Reviews are one of the most important ways online users assess the credibility of your brand, products, and services. The more positive testimonials they see from previous buyers, the more likely it is that you make a sale. Another way to bolster your credibility is to display any media coverage that your company or service garnered.

Easy navigation

Design and create a website that makes it as easy as possible for users to find the services or information they seek. A website organized into logical subsections implies that the company thought carefully about user experience. Make sure all links and headlines give a good indication of where they take the user.

Gaming websites sometimes are good examples of clear website designs − or show the opposite. The website of Dunder Casino for example delivers a high-quality user experience. Whereas many internet gambling websites are cluttered with adverts and colorful thumbnails, Dunder attracted praise from reviewers for its simple design.

Professional images

If you sell things on your website, invest in a high-quality camera or hire a professional photographer to take clear shots of the items. Make sure that users can zoom in on the images, particularly for items where aesthetics are an important factor in the purchasing decisions. This especially applies to clothing, homeware, or art objects. Ideally, offer a 360-degree view of the product or even a video that shows functionality. Since online buyers cannot view or try out an item, this is a powerful way to ensure that they take it to the checkout.

Perfect spelling and grammar

Creating a website with flawless copy projects an image of professionalism. This in turn instills trust in the reader. Always proofread your copy multiple times and ask others to double check it for you. If you need copy for your website in a language you are not fluent in, employ a high-quality native copywriter. Even subtle grammatical errors or awkward translations detract from your message.

Precise specifications

The best way to encourage buyers to take your products to checkout is to provide extensive specifications. Potential buyers more likely spend their money with you if they know exactly what they get. Include precise dimensions, measurements, and describe features in detail.

Check your website for technical errors

Broken links and slow-loading websites undermine user trust. A badly maintained website weighs on a user’s time and patience, creating the impression that the company does not care about customer experience. You avoid technical problems by choosing a good website host and by regularly checking the site yourself.

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