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Logo Name:
Mortlock Yachts
Company Intro:
We are an international yacht sales and charter company.
We would like a customised logo for our company.

We would like to incorporate a variation of the ‘MORTLOCK’ family crest into the design of the logo. The overall design should be elegant and professional but also give an indication of the industry we are representing; yachting. We do not want any cliché anchors, compasses etc.

Our vision is for the ‘shield’ shape to resemble a yacht cruising towards the viewer/ or a birds eye view. The supports of the crest should be a design similar to waves or the motion of them being created by the shield/ yacht.

The FIRST impression of the logo should be an elegant crest and the second impression should be shapes of a yacht. At first glance, it should not look like a yacht, it should resemble a crest. Only the shape and ‘metaphoric’ visual should be of the yacht and waves. Get the inspiration for shape and design from the yacht image but the logo should be a sophisticaed crest.

1. I have attached a document with more details. Mortlock Yachts Design Brief 48 hour.
2. I have also attached an example of what we like the overall look to be “Royal Brand”. We would like 4 different versions of the logo; Gold on midnight blue (blue colour referenced in design brief PDF), Gold on transparent, White on gold and Black on Transparent.

Main Colours: Gold, midnight blue.

Mortlock Yacht example.png
Mortlock Yachts Design Brief 48 hour.pdf

Reference Samples:

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Giv Jade Elliott4 days ago
Thank you very much to all the designers for your amazing work!
Seriously, it was a tough decision and even after getting feedback from family and friends, we had such an even response on favourites.
They were all very creative designs and 95% of you followed the brief really well.

In the end, these were our favourite designs:

Thank you for your time.

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