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Q&A with Marissa Chambers

What is your expertise or claim to fame?

At MB Hair Co. we provide hairstylists with top quality hand-tied wefts and innovative education for their hand-tied hair extension installs to help them significantly grow their extension business and income behind the chair. 

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your business?

The hardest lesson we’ve learned in our business is that not everyone will agree, see or believe in your vision. We would encourage other business owners to not let that discourage them, to believe in themselves and to keep pushing towards their goals. 

What does it mean to you to redesign your website?

MB Hair Co. started as a distribution company in the beauty industry. We had great success with that, but felt like we could do better by our customers and come out with a line of hair that was better in so many ways! After 18 months of vetting + adding education to our services we redesigned/relaunched our company with GoLive to properly introduce it to the world! 

Why did you ultimately decide to work with GoLive?

We decided to work with GoLive because we LOVE their work and have enjoyed following their amazing website creations over the last couple of years on socials. We felt like they truly could see our vision and knew our rebrand/relaunch would be in the best hands. Our website was already designed on Squarespace so we knew it was time to let the experts take over! 

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