Thanks to everyone for your entries so far. We are depending on your expertise as designers to stand out in a crowd of dog sitters and services like In our region of the US, pet rescue is almost a cultural segment of people. There are probably thousands of people within a 15 mile radius of our house that have multiple pets in their home, and treat their pets like family members. We have four rescue dogs ourselves. We volunteer at local shelters, and also to help transport dogs from shelters where we live to regions of the country who are eager to adopt and don’t have as many dogs or cats. Some people buy fancy purebred dogs, but many many, including us, rescue dogs that are in need, have been dumped at shelters, have been victims of neglect.

Pet owners like us and our market, we learn the personality of each dog or cat we have. Some dogs are not good walkers and stubborn, some are scared, some need special food, some love to play with toys and others are terrified of holiday fireworks. We learn these things about our pets and we adapt our lives so they can live out their best lives. We feel we owe this to these animals, as they are innocent. So when our market needs someone to walk their dog while they’re working, or watch their dog while they’re away on vacation, they’re very worried about their pets’ care. How could it match their own level of care?

There are literally 100s of pet walkers and sitters in this same 15 mile radius, so it’s a very crowded market. But many of those sitters are teens or students that maybe aren’t so reliable, or people you might not trust in your home. There are many that are probably great walkers and sitter for just one simple easy dog.

But there’s only one like Marianne Bond. She understands both what the pets need and what the family needs to feel good about leaving their dogs or cats in her care. Dogs that usually cower in a corner or bark come to her and sit to be petted or for a treat. They happily go on walks or eat meals.

Apologies for the length of this description, but we are starting to see a lot of entries that are just basic paw prints and hearts and hands. There are lots and lots of logos out there already just like that, for pet sitters and dog walkers and rescues and shelters. We need a logo for Loving Bond that stands out from all of those, and shows why this service is unique. When a potential customer sees the logo, they should think and feel all the good things we mention above.

They should say to themselves. . . this looks like someone who will make my dogs feel safe and happy and I can relax and not worry . . . because my pets are my family. Logo should be color and be able to translate to black and white or greyscale, and look great printed at all sizes. The logo should be able to be embroidered. Logo should convey caring, but not look like a therapist logo. It should convey caring confidence. It should convey a love of animals, and especially dogs, and that animals feel comfortable and happy when cared for by Loving Bond Pet Service.

Thanks for all your efforts!

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