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After the current pandemic situation, people want to invest less but want to earn much from it. If you are that one, then read this article till the end. Because in this article I have discussed how to create a website for free? Means totally free.

As well how to earn 100$ per month from it? Sounds interesting!

This article is all about How to create a website for free? and How you can make money with a Free Website? So, without any delay let’s dive into ways on how to earn money online.

How To Create A Website For Free?

Ways to make 100$ with free things need a website. And for that, you should know what exactly the website is and why should have your own website to generate a passive monthly income. A website is nothing but an online store with your business name. Where you showcase your products/services information to global customers.

According to research, daily more than 1,40,000 websites are getting online.

To create a website for free you must have a domain name, hosting other important things. Don’t worry if you don’t know what are these things. I have discussed all the important things you need to create your website.

What is a domain or a domain name?

A domain is nothing but the name of your website. Like my website name is Suggestion Buddy and my domain name is ““. That’s how you have to choose and select one domain name for your business. There are plenty of domains type including .com, .co, .net etc. All you have to do is choose from .com,.net and your country related domains.

Country-related domains end with country short initials like .in used for India, .au used for Australia, and so on.

Remember a few things while choosing a domain name:

  • Choose a domain name which easy to remember.
  • Don’t use a long domain name. e.g:
  • Don’t use numbers in domains, as it creates confusion for your user whether your domain has a numeric number or character number. e.g:,
  • Try to get top-level domains. such as .com

So, might be you got an idea of what is domain name and how you should select your domain name. But if you still have any doubt, then leave your query in the comment section. I will answer your every question.

There are lots of websites that offer domain names, but from all those websites, I prefer only two websites first one is Godaddy, and Second One is BigRock. As per my current experience, they provide good customer care service as compare to other providers. With these websites, you will get the domain for at least 399INR or 9$.

In starting, you can stay out from this rid, You can get a domain for free from freenom, and onlyfreedomains kinds of websites. Since you will get free domains from these websites. It will impact your earning process.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the second important thing that you need to earn money online and run a website online. Hosting or Web Hosting is a web server, which means the online address of your website. Hosting is the warehouse or you can say care-taker for your website data.

On hosting your website files, images get stores which makes your website to be accessible for global users. There are so many hosting providers who will provide you hosting at cheap rates but their website load time will be high.

According to my experience, you can go with Hostgator, Bigrock to host your website. Because they provide hosting at budget prices and their server load time is low as compared to other cheap rates hosting providers.

Apart from these paid hosting networks you can get hosting for free. On the internet, there are so many websites that provide hosting for free.

Recommended Free Hosting Providers:

  • 000Webhost
  • FreeHosting
  • AwardSpace
  • InfinityFreeHosting

Now let’s move on to the topic you are actually here for. How you can build your own website for free? and how you can earn money online from it?

To create a website first you must buy a domain and hosting and after that, you can create your website free with the help of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc CMS. From my recommendation, you should use WordPress to design your website as it’s very much easy to use as compare other CMS’s. Without any coding or programming knowledge you can, you can design your website.

Once you are done with website design, it’s time to know how you can earn money from it. But before that, you should know whether a free website affects earning or not?

Is Free Website Affect Earning?

The answer is yes, a free website affects earning. On a free website, you can’t apply major earning methods. As well with your website won’t get ranked on google and other search engines. Which directly affects getting users from search engines.

A free website is nothing but a website which have a free domain and free hosting.

But still, you can earn money with a free website.

How To Earn Money With Free Website?

  • You can create a product website without a payment gateway. As payment gateway won’t get integrated on a free domain.
  • The second one is to use an affiliate program. In affiliate marketing, you will do product marketing of other companies, and when someone buys that product you will get the commission from $1 to $10000 depends on the terms and conditions of the commission of affiliate providers.
  • Adding ads of small ads network like Popads
  • By selling service, you can create your own service website with portfolios on free domain and hosting. Suppose you are a home painter, you can create your own painting website to showcase to users what kind of services you offer, your previous works, and price listing. So, whenever someone asks what you offer, what are your previous works? you can send them your free website link instead of sending a bunch of emails and images.

How to Earn Money with Paid Website?

If you purchase a domain and hosting, then you have many ways to earn money from your website. Some of them are

  • Selling ad space on your website.
  • Adding high paying ads on your website.
  • Ask for donations and contributions
  • Get Paid For Every Visitor with Repixel
  • Sell Products with online payment methods
  • Generate and Sell Leads
  • Monetize your website with paid membership
  • Online Webinar

Recommended Ads Networks For Making $500 Per Month:

Google Adsense: world largest and famous online advertising network. Adsense provides the relevant and best content matched ads so that you can earn a lot of money. Since it’s a leading ad network getting an Adsense ads approval is not easy. In AdSense minimum payout is $100.

Media.Net: If you didn’t get approved by Adsense. Then you can use these ad networks to earn money. is the best Adsense alternative. Since it’s an Adsense alternative the earning of  Media.Net is quite lower than Adsense. The minimum payout of is the same as AdSense. In the minimum payout is $100. This ad network didn’t get popularity as Adsense and got. Ads of PopAds network work even when the adblocker is on. In minimum payout is $4. Which is too low as compared to the other two networks.

Last But Not Least

Congrats, you’ve just figured out ways to create a website for free and how to earn money online with a free website. Now it’s all up to you whether you go with paid or free, So what you go with a free website or paid website?

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