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The best logos must be unique, adaptable, simple and straightforward in form and convey an actual message. An essential concept is defined by the effective logo and communicates the message. In this article we discuss How reinterpreting reality is vital to the Logo design process.

A logo should be designed in such a way that it can be printed in any size, colour and in an effective way.

A great logo generally represents a great concept and execution. Here is everything you need to know about the importance of logo design:

1. Catching the customer’s Attention

Creating effective logo design and using them in business can help a brand expand their customer base. It is a more comfortable and powerful way to promote your business.

Great colours and novel designs always create engagement with customers, but simplicity is key! Andrew, the owner and founder of The Logo Creative, had this to say:

Logos are visual identifiers that communicate through simplicity.

The fewer elements they use to convey a concept and message, the better they will work across different mediums.

Strive for unique simplicity!

— Andrew JR Marriott (@AJRMarriott) February 25, 2021

It also improves customer retention potential, making your brand noticeable and easy to identify. Using a unique colour scheme and design/symbol for your brand also gives you an edge over the competition.

I would recommend marketers to analyse the existing competition using tools like Porter’s Five Forces. This will give you ample insights on how other companies are using brand logos to promote their products/services.

Competition analysis also gives you an estimation of the present and potential threats that can hamper your sales.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Currently, customers select and trust the new product as it refers to the same brand of a product they used before satisfied. Over a period, they use more products and later become a loyal customer of the brand.

The logo is used to differentiate between companies and brands on services/products.

This helps customers in knowing the service or products of each brand. Later they can use products of a company without getting confused with direct competitors.

Andrew explained it well in this tweet:

Branding is giving your audience a solid reason to choose your brand over the competitors.

An effective differentiation strategy is not always about being distinctly different but positioning what you do differently from your competition. 👍

— Andrew JR Marriott (@AJRMarriott) February 24, 2021

Years back raising cows was the main job of Westerners. They were using a heated iron bar with a peak embedded with a simple symbol.

They later pressed it into the cow’s body to mark ownership. This shows to your customers who you are, your business and the benefits customers get.

3. Creates Loyalty for The Brand

Having a professional and unique logo design is key as it’s the face of your brand and the first thing customers see when engaging with the brand.

Behind that identity needs to be a solid brand, and everything surrounding that brand, known as brand touchpoints, needs to create trust and loyalty to improve the brand experience for customers.

Andrew explains what a brand is quite well in this tweet:

A “brand” is a perception, gut feeling, it touches everything and everyone.

We do not control a brand, we do not own a brand, the only thing we can do is influence the brand.

“Branding” attempts to manage the meaning, to seek, to convey the right meaning to the right people.

— Andrew JR Marriott (@AJRMarriott) November 27, 2020

A good logo design is crucial, but it also needs to have a solid brand behind it. This is also a focus you need to think about and work on.

A well-known and easily recognizable logo will help to build loyalty with customers and get them to engage with your brand, but once through the door they need a good brand experience.

Each company needs to promote brand loyalty and it influences people effectively.

4. Easily Distinguish Competitors

Logos distinguish specific products, services or companies. The perfect logo should be unique and different. A great logo design reflects what your brand is all about.

But it should differentiate from other competitors. Businesses can only do tremendously if they have a good logo.

To create the perfect logo, hire a professional logo designer.

You can track the competitors performance by doing market research. Market research is essential for any business to know what is trending.

The situational analysis report gives an excellent insight into internal and external factors affecting business. It enables designers to improve their decision-making skills.

It also gives them a clear idea to structure their design.

Situational analysis is a process that focuses on understanding the nature of business.

There are four main analysis methods:

Each analysis deals with various phases of the market. You do not need to use all methods in one research.

It can be clumsy and time taking.

You should understand the issue, brand and then look out which methods fit better.

Characteristics of Great Logo Design:

It is vital to follow the logo design process and you need to know what makes an excellent logo. On a blank canvas, how you fill colours and create unique designs matters more.

Following the SMART system enables companies to stand in the market. Plus, create ever-evolving audience engagement:

Logo Design Process:

Design brief: Create a questionnaire or interview with the client to get a solid design brief.

Research: Conduct research on the industry and understand competitors and trends in the market. Find the solution to the problem first.

Reference: Conduct research on logo designs that are successful and well recognised. Following history and trends is critical endurance in logo design.

Sketching and conceptualizing: Create logo design concepts in brief and in your research. It’s a vital step in the design process. Sketching isn’t time-consuming. But the challenge is applying unique ideas to paper. Sketching helps to develop your imagination and enables you to create new ideas.

Andrew also explains the importance of sketching in this tweet:

Sketching with pencil and paper is a technique that alot of designers overlook.

Regardless of your ability to draw it helps in ideation flow in a simple way.

Dont restrict yourself to a computer it’s just a tool you use.

The real magic happens within your mind. 💥

— Andrew JR Marriott (@AJRMarriott) February 23, 2021

Revisions and positioning: Whether you are a contractor/build a long-lasting relationship, revise and enhance the logo as needed.

Presentation: Showcase your best logo designs to your client. PDF forms are best. You can also present the logo in context, and this helps the client to visualize it clearly.

Prepare a high-quality presentation that is an effective way to approve your designs. “Canned presentations have a ring of emptiness.

The informative presentation is custom made for a specific reason and client. Presenting new ideas is a challenging task for designers.

This is not only a design problem; it also claims for something unique.

The structure of the logo design presentation should not only involve a particular design to an interested audience. But how does the design explain itself in the market?

A presentation that lacks an idea will never be a good design.

Delivery: Delivering relevant files to the client and providing all the support needed is essential. Remember to satisfy all the customer needs you have promised.


I hope this information was beneficial to understand the importance of logo design. Develop unique logo design concepts to improve brand loyalty and increase brand awareness.

But like any specialist job, hire a professional to get the best results for your brand.

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