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Figma Cool is a free website where you can find a lot of resources for your UI designing project. This website basically meant for finding Figma resources that you can use in your work. Hair it has a long list of resources that you may want to use such as website template, presentation template, UI kits, app icons, layout, and many others. You can make use of all the resources that you find here to make something fantastic. The best part here is that you don’t have to create a new account in order to use any resource mentioned here.

If you are a designer then you will surely love this amazing website where you can find tons of unique and really beautiful resources for Figma. You can just pick any e-resource from movie to your Figma account in just a few clicks. The website offers your search engine where you can search for specific type of resources and before actually using them you can see their preview and even add to your collection if you want to. However, if you want to create a connection then you will have to create a free account.

How to Find Free Website Templates, Presentations, UI Kits for Figma?

As I have just mentioned that pin don’t have to create an account in order to use it, you can just follow this simple link to reach the main interface. The initial language of the website in Japanese but you can switch to English by clicking on the globe icon.

Some of the most awesome resources that it has are on the main home page. You can browse through them and open the design that you like with full details along with the description. With every design listed there you can see an install button next to it. The installation button allows you to quickly import the selected design in the Figma editor.

In this way you can browse the whole website and look for the relevant resources that you need, just find the correct resource and then use it in your Figma project, the designs are free to use and while searching for them you can also opt to either list resources or plugins. Yes that’s right apart from having a lot of resources you can also discover some really nice Figma plugins hair.

Closing thoughts

So, if you are a Figma designer then you will really love the resource’s library that this website here provides. You just use the main search tool on the website to find the correct designs. I really liked the interface and the concept of the website. It is a good tool for graphics designers and UX developers. Just give it a try and share that you think about it.

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