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In this day and age, several things have gone out of style or are no longer in vogue and, just as we abandon old styles or the things we consider archaic, we often have to evolve with the times and find new ways of doing the usual things. An example is marketing your goods and services.

We have evolved from the days of a trade by barter to using money in exchange for goods and services, albeit offline. We have also moved from doing business offline to electronic commerce and thereby becoming virtually visible to a lot of people. Since many people are all about e-commerce, here are some tricks that will show you the best ways to utilize your digital platform for advertising.

1. Use Google Shopping Ads

Most often than not, when people want to shop online, they typically search for the product or service, and they get to pick from a list of sites that have such a product or service. This is what Google shopping ads do. A consumer searches for something on the internet and is shown different such products with links to different vendors. So, the consumer sees the product, the product price and is redirected directly to the vendor’s site. What this does is this; it reduces the traffic to the vendor’s site because anyone not interested will keep scrolling and ignore such ads. However, it also ensures that people who click on the site eventually convert to sales. This sieves through the people being directed to a site to ensure sales of whatever product the vendor sells. If you think about it, it is genius and can help boost sales.

2. Keep your Image Vibrant

People are always drawn to vibrant images and bright colors. One of the perks of e-commerce advertising is content. Content in this context means good quality pictures or videos of your product that can change people’s minds and implant a deep-seated craving to buy whatever product you’re selling. A picture speaks a thousand words, and you want those words to say “buy me” in whatever language. Try to always use colors that are striking and in contrast to that of the media platform you intend to use so no one misses it.

3. Ensure Brand Consistency

People say if you can maintain a habit consistently for 21 days, it becomes a part of you and you can carry on forever. It’s kind of the same with e-commerce advertising. You have to ensure your eCommerce business is always in their faces as it is easier to be remembered when you are consistent in your media branding. Consistency here also means with the mode or style of media brand you adopt. Let people be able to recognize your brand wherever they go. It means your posts should be strikingly similar.

4. Invest in Videography

Some studies have shown that people can retain about 90 percent of the message they get from a video, and this retention leads to sales for the vendor. Several people are migrating to using video ads that explain how to use a product or show you why you need such a product. With smartphones and some online video editing apps, you do not need the services of a videographer or pay so much money for the same. It is more like something you could do yourself, which will boost the traffic to your site and also sales.

5. Diversify

As much as it is possible, try to advertise your product on multiple online platforms. Sometimes, sales would depend on the audience that your online ads can reach. That being said, you should advertise on platforms with high traffic, which can get you sales. If people in your city or state are more present on Facebook, then Facebook is where your ads should be. However, if they are scattered about different platforms, then incorporate Amazon, eBay, and other platforms that get heavy traffic. When choosing where to advertise, be sure to do some optimization so your products can be found on the search results.

6. Focus on Consumer-driven Ads

This is a trick that will keep your products popular. Vendors often require their consumers who have used their products and are in love with them to make high-quality videos of them with the products or take pictures for an incentive. Now, the vendor goes ahead to feature these videos, which are sometimes mind-blowing on their pages. This method is brilliant because people are more likely to believe consumer-driven ads than that of the vendor. So, it is more like a testimonial of the product and also an advertising strategy to get more consumers. This could also be done with the use of influencers who do not need to be celebrities or have millions of followers but should have a lot of engagements on their posts.

7. Personalize your Emails

With email marketing, people are more likely to respond to personalized emails. Personalizing a consumer’s shopping experience means giving product ideas based on the consumer’s previous purchase or related searches. It also means sending follow-up emails after a purchase. Even though sending personalized emails is an old method of generating traffic to your site, it has been proven over time to yield great results.

8. Offer Discount Codes

A lot of consumers actively search or lookout for coupons and discount codes when shopping online. One way to keep them on your site is to dole out the same. Whether there are codes that reduce a consumer’s indebtedness or free shipping, these incentives will increase traffic to your site.

Ultimately, with e-commerce advertising, what works for you is a function of how your target audience responds and how much of the traffic converts to sales. Keep in mind that everything is evolving, and so should you. The digital space is dynamic, and this should be reflected in your ads so that your products or sites keep trending enough to boost sales. You should also understand that it will take effort and patience to boost your product sales and maintain the numbers.

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Jenna is a freelance writer and she has contributed to several reputable websites.  She has 6+ years of experience in writing about business, technology, entrepreneurship, and social media marketing. Jenna loves to split her time between vlogging and hanging out with her friends and family.

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