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You’ve opened your own Bridal Salon. Congratulations! There is nothing more enjoyable than contributing to the joy a bride feels on her wedding day. Now that you’ve gotten everything in your business planned out, you’re ready to create a website & blog for your bridal shop fast and beautifully. So what do you need to get started?

Plan Out Your Website Content & Pages

Creating a website and blog for a bridal shop can be a bit overwhelming. What pages do you need to create? And how or what do I write for it? I’ve created a couple of free resources to help you tackle this!

If you navigate to my Free Resources on my website you’ll find two very helpful documents: Page Planning Checklist and Website Launch Guide. Both of these will help you hone in on the things you need for your website.

Purchase Your Domain & Host

Before you can create a website and blog for a bridal shop, you need to purchase a domain name. This is the name that people will type into their browser to reach your site—for example, To purchase a domain name, head over to Hover, GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc. and search for available domains.

Hosting is the service that provides the server space for your website. It’s different from domain registration, which is where you buy the name of your website. Hosting isn’t free; it’s a monthly fee and one of the most important elements of having an online presence.

If you are using a site builder like Showit or Squarespace, you can purchase hosting through them. This is a great option, and one I recommend.

Design Your Website

When you are building a new website, it can be overwhelming to choose the right platform. There are so many different platforms out there, with tons of features and options that aren’t always easy to understand. Choose the best website builder for your bridal shop based on three key factors: 1) Ease of Use 2) Mobile Friendliness 3) Customization 4) Cost

I personally recommend Showit. It’s easy to use with it’s drag-and-drop interface, has built in SEO tools, connection to WordPress for blogging, and TONS of beautiful templates to start from.

But wait, you said “FAST” in your blog title. How do I do that fast? Well, it’s simple really…purchase a template that is made specifically for YOUR bridal salon business. My goal here is to help you get on your feet and out the door quickly and painlessly. That’s why I’ve created Rowan, an elegant design for Bridal Shops. It has everything you need to get started. After working with several Bridal Salons myself, I know the basic information you need to start attracting clients online.

Launch & Celebrate

Once you’ve planned, designed, and connected your website with the world wide web it’s time to celebrate! Having a professional and easy to navigate website is a HUGE part of a businesses success. Especially now that everyone is online and on their phones.

Cheers to your future launch!

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