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Brand Design for Sarah Trapkus

I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah Trapkus, a spiritual life coach, who helps coaches uncover who they truly are so they can do the work they’re meant to do in the world. It was such a delight to work with her, and I so appreciated her steady, calm presence.

Known for “going deep” with her clients, Sarah helps other coaches heal themselves so they can help their clients heal as well. She shows them how their brain, emotions, and body all work together, and how coaching from a place of wholeness allows them to trust their intuition and let go of the harmful “shoulds” that exist in the coaching industry. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1 | Brand Strategy

It was important that Sarah’s Brand Strategy communicate the ideas of depth and spirituality so it’s no surprise that our keywords are depth, flow, and mystery. The color psychology of peacock blue is sophisticated and healing and wine red is passionate and courageous. The color palette is rich, deep, and a bit sensuous which perfectly captures Sarah and her ideal clients.

2 | Logo Design

Because Sarah had no previous logo, it was really fun to start with a blank slate. After finalizing her Brand Strategy, I wanted her brand to feel rich and dark (like the 50 bars of chocolate my husband gave me on my 50th birthday!) without being heavy or depressing, which can be tricky. Lightweight fonts in a blend of script and sans serif give us the perfect balance. Her Big Idea is “rooted in purpose”—the swashes and shapes communicate this idea of rootedness and growth, both critical to Sarah’s work.

3 | Brand Board

The logo and additional pieces come together in the Brand Board, and I was careful to balance the swirly logo with a light, geometric pattern for a bit of structure.

4 | Collateral & Social Media

As with most of my clients, I created a suite of files in Canva for her to easily update and publish. These included the usual social media templates in addition to a new logo for her podcast and banner for her Kajabi course page.

5 | Marketing & Website

Having a detailed Brand Style Guide, tutorial videos, and organized assets is enabling Sarah and her team to slowly integrate her shiny, new brand into every facet of her business.

This rebrand is a perfect example of my Signature Brand Package which includes all the elements you need to take your brand to the next level and Let Her Fly, just like Sarah did.

How does Sarah feel about the final result?

“Michelle was the most professional, clear-processed, and warm-hearted person I have EVER worked with. I felt seen and heard from day one, and her in-depth assessment of my entire business assured me that nothing would be overlooked.

Not only is my new brand beautiful and cohesive, but she also made it so easy to implement—from the organized files to the walkthrough videos to her follow-up support. My team and I know exactly what goes where, saving us valuable time and energy.

It feels so good to finally have a brand I love that represents the soul of my business and allows me to be more visible and confident as I share my work with the world. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Michelle and her magic. So much gratitude to you, Michelle!”

– Sarah Trapkus, Spiritual Life Coach

Other ways to connect with Sarah:

The best way to get to know Sarah is through her podcast The Radical Mind or on her Facebook page where you can sign up for her free 3-day course, Quest to Self. And if you’re a coach, she has just opened the doors to her one-month Emotional Healing Experience which starts at the end of May; details are here

How about you?

If you’re ready for a brand that represents the soul of your business, book a free consultation and experience your own “Michelle magic.” ✨ I’d love to chat with you!

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