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Q&A with Giselle Ugarte

What is your expertise or claim to fame?

When I was on my way out of college, I started a blog and a YouTube channel (before everyone and their mom had a blog and before YouTube was used as a verb) thinking n o one would see anything I posted. Early on (and even with a low subscriber count), I ended up attracting the attention of renowned brands, launching an international television career and becoming an early adapter of “influencing” as we know it today. What fascinated me most wasn’t being the face of a movement, but rather understanding the analytics and psychology behind it. Hence the transition into marketing. As a leader at Media Bridge Advertising®, a speaker and a coach, I empower people and brands with the tools and strategy to grow online and especially off with a unique approach of humanizing businesses (and sometimes humans need help humanizing to o). 

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your business?

You don’t have to be good at everything to be great. As a leader, I thought admitting that I wasn’t good at something (or that I sucked at anything) was career suicide. I thought not being able to juggle ALL the things was a sign of weakness. As it turns out, that is very much a recipe for burnout for leaders and a total trust disruptor for teams. My colleague Holly Davies was someone who really helped me with t his (especially when we did the EOS Delegate and Elevate exercise, which I highly recommend). As it turns out, there are tasks I hate doing that she loves doing and t asks that she’s not good at that I’m great at. When we can fill our days with more of what we both love and are really good at, we can be happier about what we do and much more productive at that. 

What does it mean to you to redesign your website?

I’ve never felt more equipped or empowered to serve, especially as so much of our world has shut down amidst this pandemic. My whole career has been about building on line relationships, creating community through digital offerings and connecting wit h brands and people from my feed off of my feed. My website will be a central place that very clearly lists out what I do, a funnel to my team at Media Bridge, a journal to share my heart and expertise and, overall, just one more place to serve my people. 

Why did you ultimately decide to work with GoLive?

I had been on the hunt for awhile, and the name kept coming up over and over (and not just on Instagram ads). Even when I considered going the DIY route, all of the templates I loved most were produced by GoLive. I was already sold when I visited the website, but getting one-on-one time with Danielle and Hunter sealed the deal and gave me full confidence that I was in the right hands. And with Corinne, as my designer, heck yeah, I most definitely was. 

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