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These four designs have been placed on the Board Blog for review and member comment. The Community Relations Committee (CRC) will also hold another in-person community meeting at 6 p.m. on May 12 in the Cedar Room for any new comments.

Based on all the community input to date, the designer will modify these concepts to address member input. We will then have approximately a month-long final public comment period. After that, we will direct the designer to make any final changes for presentation to the Board. The Board will then select one of these designs for Lake Wildwood’s new branding.

The selected logo and font will replace the original Compass Rose logo and font, and be used on all official correspondence, as well as in print and digital announcements and marketing. Ultimately, the new branding will be incorporated into LWA’s plans for our entry gates. The new logo will not replace The Oaks logo, which will continue to represent the Clubhouse, Restaurant, and Golf Course.

The branding options you see here represent more than two years of effort by the CRC, the Branding Strategy Group, and the Board to rebrand our association as a unique community in California and in the entire nation. As part of the development and rollout of the new logo, we have and will continue to conduct public meetings and publish our activities in TWI and eBits.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to express your opinion and participate in the Blog Survey on our website. You are certainly welcome to attend our Board Meeting on May 24 when we hope to make the logo official.

Thanks for your input and support!

Logo Option 1
Logo Option 2
Logo Option 3
Logo Option 4

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